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    Plane of Growth

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    The Plane of Growth is the realm of Tunare, the Mother of All.

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    Entrance to Takish'Hiz
    Entrance to Takish'Hiz

    The Plane of Growth is the astral home to Tunare, the Mother of All, more commonly referred to as the goddess of nature. The portal to her plane was opened by Tunare herself many millenia ago in a successful attempt to keep the Wakening Lands full of life. Any who are devoted to Tunare may freely enter the realm and accept quests from the various heroes and legends that reside within the plane. Upon entering the realm, one will appear next to a structure resembling the ancient druid rings found throughout Norrath, except this one is made of pristine, white marble. Those who are not welcome will soon be met by an army of satyrs known as the protectors of growth. They can sense intruders from anywhere within the plane, and seem to attack in waves about every half hour. The rolling plains near the entrance are full of roaming creatures including wolves, horses, bears, and an occasional unicorn. Splitting the plane in half is the Stream of Silence which is fed by a magnificent waterfall pouring down the mountains of Takish to the north and ending in the Lake of the Whispering. It is said that this water then trickles through what is called the Stream of Rebirth, which feeds the soul of Norrath itself, allowing all things to grow.


    Near the lake is the elaborate entrance to the holy city of Takish'Hiz, guarded by an enormous suit of armor. The city is not to be confused with its mortal counterpart, which now lies buried beneath the sands of the Desert of Ro. East of the river lies a dense forest where several powerful entolings lumber about. They may be slow, but they are easily the most powerful creatures in the plane other than Tunare herself. The Mother of All resides in a monstrous oak tree guarded by the leader of the protectors of growth, Prince Thirneg. For those attempting to complete quests within the Plane of Growth, it would be unwise to ask him for phat lewts. Tunare herself appears to mortals as a beautiful, tall high elf in a flowing green dress. If provoked, she will exit the tree and unleash her wrath upon her attackers.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Clerics of Tunare
    • Faydarks Champions
    • Servants of Tunare
    • Soldiers of Tunare


    Notable NPCs

    • Ail the Elder
    • Ancient Totem
    • Fayl Everstrong
    • Flighty Viridian Wisp
    • Galiel Spirithoof
    • Grahl Strongback
    • Guardian of Takish
    • Ordro
    • Prince Thirneg
    • Protectors of Growth
    • Rumbleroot
    • Sarik the Fang
    • Treah Greenroot
    • Tunare
    • Tunarean Earthmelder
    • Undogo Digolo

    Notable Items

    • Armor of Stability
    • Armor of the Bonecaster
    • Armor of Conjuration
    • Assassin's Chain Armor
    • Bestial Armor
    • Blade of the Swarm
    • Bladesman's Armor
    • Braid of Golden Hair
    • Essence of Nature
    • Fist of Nature
    • Flute of the Sacred Glade
    • Girdle of Living Thorns
    • Golden Leaf Earring
    • Maple Leaf Mask
    • Massive Heartwood Thorn
    • Melodic Armor
    • Nature's Melody
    • Noctivigant Armor
    • Petrified Heartwood Flamberge
    • Resplendent Armor
    • Sap Encrusted Branch[
    • Silver Moon Armor
    • Sorceror's Armor
    • Spirit Weaver's Armor
    • Stonewood Mail
    • Woven Cord of Mistletoe
    • Woven Vine Wristband

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