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    Plane of Mischief

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    The Plane of Mischief is the realm of Bristlebane, the King of Thieves.

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    Castle Mischief
    Castle Mischief

    The Plane of Mischief is an ever changing realm of madness governed by the King of Thieves, Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane. Long ago, a wizard greedily sought to draw power from the planes. He created a dollhouse based on one he saw in his dreams. This dollhouse was a replica of Castle Mischief, and of course the image was planted in his mind by Bristlebane himself. Bristlebane thought it would be great fun to allow mortals into his plane, giving him an endless line of targets for his trickery. The dollhouse was eventually discovered by the dragons, and stored deep within the Temple of Veeshan. During the Age of Turmoil, a replica of the dollhouse was discovered in the Great Divide at the base of the Daggerflow River.

    Forest of Dreams
    Forest of Dreams

    Upon arriving in the plane, a colorful thicket known as the Forest of Dreams greets adventurers. Laughter can often be heard, seemingly from the trees themselves, while bixies often taunt them from high above. Unbelievably strange creatures roam the forests, some hostile, some not. Upon emerging from the other side of the forest, the massive Castle Mischief appears. A magnificent bridge is set in place to allow passage over the moat, but this bridge is simply an illusion. The only way to cross the moat is across an invisible bridge to the west. The walls are patrolled by halfling heroes, devoted to the King of Thieves. Every inch of the castle is built with mischief, trickery, and deception in mind. It features countless false walls, traps, and optical illusions that make it unlike any other place in the universe.

    Sidways Rooms
    Sidways Rooms

    Each area of the castle has a different theme. Those that unwittingly fall into a pit will find themselves in a grand maze that can frustrate even the most patient monk. Other notable sections include a grand theater, where Bristlebane conducts plays involving puppets of the other gods and goddesses of Norrath; a library of nonsense; a garden of talking plants; a series of rooms that appear sideways or upsidedown; a massive chessboard with living pieces; and a mind boggling line of rooms that either are getting larger or the visitor is shrinking. Bristlebane's throne room is likely what anyone would imagine, a massive chair surrounded by enormous piles of gold. The items found or earned here are just as wacky as the Plane of Mischief itself. Simply put, Bristlebane's realm is a unique experience unlike any other.

    Commentary on the Original Zone

    West Wing - Dining Room
    West Wing - Dining Room

    During 2003, the Plane of Mischief's mobs and quests were completely redone. The geography of the zone remained the same but everything else was changed. This angered many fans because the zone was originally unique in its design and implementation of quests. Originally, the zone was only accessible through the Temple of Veeshan, which gave those that made it to the Plane of Mischief a sense of accomplishment and a camaraderie among players regardless of the guild they typically grouped with. Getting to Mischief was quite difficult, and melee classes could not bind themselves within the zone, so many would sacrifice the experience points of dying in order to leave a corpse in the zone so that they could be resurrected there later. Most of the mobs in the zone were not aggressive (kill on sight), which allowed players to wander the zone freely. This, along with the absurdity of much of the zone, gave Mischief a sense of wonder, discovery, and charm unlike anywhere else in the game.

    The quests were quite elaborate and sometimes nonsensical. Some found them frustrating, while others gravitated towards the teamwork and dedication they required. The first type of quests required the collection of various cards of four colors (red, blue, white, black) and four types (squires, knights, thrones, crowns) that dropped from just about any mob in the zone. Different combinations of the cards could be combined in a Deck of Spontaneous Generation to create incredible items such as a Very Rusty Dagger, Idiot Savant's Cap, Cloak of Confusion, or Bracelet of the Twisted Mind.

    Chessboard Room
    Chessboard Room

    The second type of quests involved Words of Wealth, which dropped from random mobs in the zone in four pieces. After obtaining a library card and getting a Book of Mischief from the librarian, the four corners of the Words of Wealth could be combined. Giving this to Bob the Painter would earn a Pot of Gold. Combining another full copy of Words of Wealth with any item created from the cards would create Funny Money. Giving two Funny Money to a halfling named Peaches at the entrance to the castle would result in a random gift box. Each gift box was specific to a class and could be right-clicked to summon a doll five times. When a doll was combined with "distraction" armor created from the cards in the Pot of Gold, it would create class specific armor that rivaled the best armor in the game at the time. These class armor sets had humorous names like Shamanistic Shenannigans, Crazy Cleric, Sly Summoner, Wily Warlock, and Mischievous Dazzler. The dolls were tradeable, which is partially what led to great camaraderie among those in the Plane of Mischief.

    Theater Puppets
    Theater Puppets

    Another unique feature of the original incarnation of the Plane of Mischief was the theater room. The room still exists after the revamp of course, but it was originally full of puppets representing many of the other gods in the EverQuest pantheon. At the time, this was the only place in the game to see representations of gods like Solusek Ro, Rallos Zek, Erollisi Marr, and others. Bristlebane himself would only appear in the zone once per day for literally a few seconds, and it was in the theater's audience. He was attackable for those few moments, but the unlucky Iksar monk (Irontail of Triton) that first completed the marathon task of taking him down discovered for the rest of the players that Bristlebane had no loot. Was the zone unfinished? Or was that the ultimate trick of the King of Thieves?

    When the zone was overhauled, it became similar to every other raid zone in the game. Much of the sense of adventure and exploration was gone in lieu of a dungeon crawl type conquest to kill everything in the zone and ultimately leading up to an encounter with Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane in his throne room. Much of the lovable absurdity was kept alive simply because the physical design of the zone remained the same. All of the zany quests in the zone were removed, which left many of Mischief's original fans with leftover cards and items that they would trade and sell for years to come.

    The spirit of the original Plane of Mischief has been kept alive for over fifteen years at

    Neighboring Zones


    Notable NPCs

    • All-Seeing Eye
    • Ample Ape
    • Asinine Ape
    • Astray Hand
    • The Black King
    • Bouncing Bunny
    • Bristlebane the King of Thieves
    • The Bunny Behemoth
    • Buried Treasure Chest
    • Bzzibuzzana
    • Craven Rascal
    • Forsaken Hand
    • Fraudulent Chest
    • Frolicking Performer
    • Funky Skunk
    • Gifted Sphinx
    • Gorilla Prodigy
    • Gorilla Professor
    • The Grand Gardener
    • Hedge Magus
    • Hedge Soldier
    • The Hidden Jester
    • Irritating Mushroom
    • Leea Brumplefoot
    • Lithiniath
    • Maddened Mushroom Man
    • The Master of Mayhem
    • Method Actor
    • Nahas the Treasure Hunter
    • Obsessed Patron
    • Paradoxical Sphinx
    • Ronald Brumplefoot
    • Savvy Sphinx
    • Theatre Fanatic
    • Troublesome Charlatan
    • The White King
    • Wicked Performer
    • Witty Sphinx

    Notable Items

    • Adjudicators Armband
    • Amusing Bauble
    • Arcane Maul of Celestial Destiny
    • Belt of Determination
    • Belt of the Neck Snapper
    • Black Gloves of Talent
    • Blackened Crystal Medallion
    • Bland Leather Tunic of Trickery
    • Blazing Bracers of Discovery
    • Briliant Sapphire Earring
    • Buzzing Bixie Stinger
    • Cloak of Extermination
    • Cloak of the Jester
    • Comfortable Sandals of Serenity
    • Commander's Cap
    • Cowl of Controversy
    • Dainty Veil of Indulgence
    • Diamond Stud of Deception
    • Earring of Majesty
    • Ebony Circlet of Wit
    • Engraved Chain Tunic of Vigor
    • Ensorcelled Great Sword of the Night
    • Etched Plate Gauntlets of Fancy
    • Facemask of the Ringleader
    • Fancy Whitened Gloves
    • Feathered Cloak of the Prankster
    • Fetid Hide Boots
    • Fine Chain Tunic of the Savvy
    • Fists of Fate
    • Flowing Cloak of Deceit
    • Foreman's Glimmering Ring
    • Fungus Covered Wristband
    • Glowing Cord of Intellect
    • Gold Chain Necklace of the Mime
    • Gold Locket of Luck
    • Golden Vambraces of the Light
    • Glowing Orb of the All
    • Grand Cape of Fortune
    • Grand Gauntlets of Goading
    • Grand Pauldron of Study
    • Great Book of Arcane Musings
    • Guardsman's Mithril Breastplate
    • Handwraps of the Chosen
    • Heavily Worn Magical Boots
    • Hoop of the Prince
    • Jeweled Ring of Life
    • Legendary Leather Leggings
    • Leviathan's Armband
    • Mace of Mad Mayhem
    • Magically Studded Cowl
    • Manic Breastplate of Carousing
    • Marvelous Black Feather Cloak
    • Mask of the Performer
    • Merry Mushroom Cap
    • Mithril Plated Girdle
    • Moldy Ring of Mirth
    • Monarch's Glimmering Wristband
    • Mysterious Bracelet of Furtive Thoughts
    • Mystical Robe of the Zenith
    • Mystical Skunk Hide Cloak
    • Necklace of the Magistrate
    • Nobleman's Earring
    • Outrageous Boots of Splendor
    • Pearl Ring of the Spry
    • Pendant of Cryptic Omens
    • Plated Boots of Ill Fates
    • Prismatic Bauble of Endless Jests
    • Radiant Boots of Wonder
    • Ring of Entanglement
    • Robe of Dissolution
    • Ruinous Blade of Annihilation
    • Runed Neckpiece
    • Shawl of the Insane
    • Shimmering Bauble of Trickery
    • Shining Silver Ring
    • Silvery Shield of the Cosmos
    • Simple Cord of Mastery
    • Sleeves of the Mischievous
    • Soft Lambskin Shoulderpads
    • Soft Leather Pants of Vitality
    • Spore Necklace of Rot
    • Steel Helm of Marvels
    • Stupendous Hand Wraps
    • Tawny Leather Boots
    • Tri-Plated Wristguard
    • Tri-Threaded Cord of Glee
    • TriXim, Dagger of the King
    • Tucked Headband of Dreams
    • Twisted Gorilla Hair Necklace
    • Twisted Mask of Irony
    • Wardens Hollowed Facemask
    • Wristband of the Chancellor

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