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    Plane Weaver

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    In a world where machines have control and live on the souls of the living, Silke uses her ability to travel throughout the planes of reality to free her brother's soul.

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    Plane Weaver is a game about Silke, a powerful character that can move through various planes of reality and different forms. These abilities are the reasoning behind her title as Plane Weaver, and the origin of her power within the game.  The story follows Silke on her quest to rescue her brother's soul from Soulgrinders. The Souldgrinders have confined Silke's brother's soul in a prison named Itzhal, and she must use her powers to rescue him. The game is set in a Steampunk world with mysterious origins that is run by human soul-powered robots. 


    The game Plane Weaver is a 3D platformer at its heart, but the various abilities of the character and a strong emphasis on puzzles are what set it apart from other games within this genre. The game starts off with an emphasis on basic platforming ideas but as the game progresses the puzzles will get more challenging and test the player's ability to use Silke's transformation to become one with the mechanical world. Many of the puzzles can be solved through multiple means, so most players will have different experiences progressing through the game based on their respective styles of play. The open-ended nature of the game also encourages player to explore the industrial world. Through SIlke's transformative powers, the player can transform from the relatively weak but mobile human form into a spirit form, which can only be moved via outside forces such as wind, and demon form, which can push objects around and shoot projectiles. 


    The game is freeware and is available to download at its official website.

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