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    Planet Minigolf

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 01, 2010

    A minigolf game for the PSN that takes you around the world to golf in exotic locations. It also lets you create & share custom minigolf courses with other users.

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    Planet Minigolf is a minigolf game that features 16 courses in 4 exotic locales, customizable characters & courses, online & local multiplayer, and PlayStation Move support. Additionally, players have the ability to save replays and upload them to youtube.
    Many of the holes contain power-ups, which are located on the fairways, and are obtained by simply rolling into them with your ball. These power ups can help you navigate some of the trickier parts of the course, by doing things like making your ball lighter so it floats, making your ball a magnet so it gets sucked uphill, or even giving you control of your own ball, allowing you to steer it using the sixaxis tilt function of your controller.
    The game allows you to pick one of three control schemes. The first setting, called "easy", is a one-click method that allows you to pick the power of your shot by simply holding down the button.  The second setting is the popular "three-click method", where you press the button 3 times to decide the power and accuracy of your shot. The third setting has you pull back and push forward on the left analog stick for power and accuracy. 
    A fourth control scheme is available using the PlayStation Move motion controller, which was patched into the game for free September 19th, 2010.


    Planet Minigolf features 4 different locations:
    • SoHo (London neighborhood city theme)
    • Ancient Valley (jungle & Mayan ruins theme)
    • Buccaneer's Hideout (tropical island & pirate theme)
    • Polar Station (snowy research station & UFO crash site theme)

     Each location has 4 minigolf courses, and each course has 9 holes, totaling 144 holes to play in the game. 

    Downloadable Content

    • Stronghold Island - Features 36 new holes in a medieval castle ruins-themed area in the Mediterranean Sea. Also comes with new tiles and objects that are usable when creating your own courses. 


    Planet Minigolf features local and online multiplayer, as well as worldwide leaderboards and tournaments. There is also a course editor, which will allow you to create and share user-made courses with the community. 

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