Planet X3

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    An indie real-time strategy game developed in 2018 for numerous '80s MS-DOS based PCs, featuring support for a variety of video and audio devices and modes.

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    Planet X3 is an indie sci-fi real-time strategy game developed and published by The 8-Bit Guy for numerous MS-DOS based PCs on December 2018. It can be bought direct from here.

    The sequel to the 2017 game Planet X2, Planet X3 is a personal project of David Murray (the creator of the YouTube technology channel The 8-Bit Guy) and, among numerous updates to the game's style and gameplay, features support for older MS-DOS PCs of the 1980's. It was originally crowdfunded via Kickstarter and has four "making-of" videos found on his YouTube channel.

    Supported Video Modes

    Low-Res (4-Color) Tileset

    • CGA 4-Color (320x200)
    • CGA 2-Color Monochrome (640x200) - Uses dithering.
    • Hercules 2-Color Monochrome (720x350) - Added in later revisions. Uses dithering.
    • CGA 4-Color Greyscale (320x200) - Added in later revisions. Unsupported on earlier CGA cards.

    Medium-Res (16-Color) Tileset

    • CGA Composite 16-Color (160x200)
    • TGA 16-Color (160x200)
    • Plantronics Colorplus 16-Color (320x200) - Added in later revisions.

    High-Res (256-Color) Tileset

    • VGA 256-Color (320x200)
    • TGA 16-Color (640x200) - Added in later revisions. Uses dithering. Unsupported on earlier TGA cards.
    • EGA 16-Color (640x200) - Added in later revisions. Uses dithering.


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