Allies and enemies pop in and out?

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#1 Posted by KillerClaw (101 posts) -

Has anyone been playing and noticing that your allies and enemies will just pop in and out of being visible (I'm not talking about infiltrator cloak). I want to play as an infiltrator, but can never find anyone to shoot because they'll pop-up for a half a second and then vanish again, it seems to get MUCH worse the farther I try to snipe.

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#2 Posted by Subjugation (4970 posts) -

I never experienced this problem, even back in beta. I'll see guys moving across the map all jerky, but that is just latency. I have no idea what may be causing "invisible players" like you suggest unless they use some sort of player culling.

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#3 Posted by KillerClaw (101 posts) -

I'm not sure, but it is really turning me off to the game, or at-least to playing infiltrator when I can never find anyone to shoot :(

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#4 Posted by Christoffer (2337 posts) -

Yeah, it's quite annoying. But there must be a limit as to how far the engine will render models, simple as that. I doubt it's a bug, just an annoying necessity to get the game to run well in those huge areas.

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#5 Posted by sharkeh (98 posts) -

The only time I've seen people appear/disappear is when they're lagging bad. Other than that I've not had this happen.

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#6 Posted by Fat_Irish7890 (27 posts) -

happens all the time for me.

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#7 Posted by year199X (80 posts) -
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It's really annoying when it happens, but it's happened only a few times for me.

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#8 Posted by KillerClaw (101 posts) -

I'm going to play one more time before passing judgement, but if this is true, its a massive game-breaker for me.

A competitive game, let alone an FPS that will phase in and out units, ruins the competitiveness.

The amount of players on the screen at once is possible (EVE has massive battles)

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#9 Posted by mmzOne (299 posts) -
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#10 Posted by OfficerMeatbeef (117 posts) -

The next patch (supposed to come out this coming week) apparently will be dealing with this. Hopefully it'll be enough.

Right now, I'd like to say it's not generally an issue, since supposedly if you can't see an enemy they can't see you either. But honestly in certain situations (Tech Plant assaults in particular) it really does pretty much completely break the game.

It's important to keep in mind that something like EVE and this aren't at all comparable, because the amount of geometry and accuracy of position that EVE has to render, considering it is in space, is magnitudes less than an FPS like PS2. Nonetheless, that doesn't excuse it; if you can't cover a friendly because you can't see the enemies they are approaching, the game is broken, simple as that.

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#11 Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy (659 posts) -

I have experienced this as well, and it has resulted in my death a couple of times. However, I think it has helped me out too. I will be glad to see it addressed in a patch.

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