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Anyone else think the New Conglomerate music is reminiscent of the Terran music from Starcraft?

Terran Republic has pretty awesome orchestral music. New Conglomerate is that mixture of western/futuristic rock. Vanu is, unsurprisingly, electronic. I think Terran Republic holds the spot for my favorite music so far, although the Vanu main theme is pretty great as well. I'm glad to see that they all have such distinctive styles even in the music.

Edit: Okay, hold on. This latter half of the Vanu music is giving me Mass Effect/Tron/Deus Ex: Human Revolution vibes which is a fantastic thing, specifically the songs after around ~8:45. Maybe I'll be a barney after all.

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You're absolutely right with the Tron/Deus Ex comparison for the Vanu music tracks. It sounds really good.

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Vanu music has some nice vibes, but I have to say that listening to the Terran orchestral music and imaging a battle consisting of thousands of players gives me the epic chills.

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