Planet Side 2 free to play - possible beta this year.

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All the info in this Article by rock,paper,shotgun
 Sony's Smedley says: 

- I was asked about beta schedule and I said we were aiming for late this year or early next year but we don’t know yet. 

- I did say that I believe SWTOR will be the last large scale MMO to use a sub model. The game looks great btw and I will be playing myself. Bioware is doing an awesome job. 

-Well, that’s yet to be determined. The game itself will be free, but it seems they may be trying to avoid a microtransaction model. However, quite what was said is getting confused in translation, despite the best efforts of the sterling folks at Planetside Universe. However, it’s clear that Smedley believes The Old Republic will be the last MMO to usefully use a subscription model. 
I wasn't paying a subscription to Planetside, I approve of this. 
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They are taking requests for beta invites on

I keep hearing Planetside mentioned, usually by Jeff, on various videos and when talking about MMOs. I hope the GB community gets interested.

Well... I hope it's a decent game first and foremost

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This and newschool Tribes definitely have my attention.

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I loved the first one, so I'll give the beta a try if I can.

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