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So in trying to play Planetside 2 i can't manage to sign into my SOE account (Station [wtf?]). I've successfully managed to reset my password 3 times but i still get "invalid account or password"

I'm currently locked out of resetting the password for 24 the game worth it to go through the trouble of resolving the issue with customer service or creating a new account?

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Yeah, I had the same issue, the way they word it is very misleading. You can enter any information into the login and it'll prompt you to reset your password for an account, even if it doesn't exist, so you might have the wrong login info. Same goes for resetting the password, if you enter the wrong old password, it doesn't really tell you much, and then proceeds to lock you out for 24 hours.

In the end I just made a second account, your in game name is chosen when you log in anyways, so its not a big deal.

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Yeah, they've called it "Station" for quite some time - they use the same login information for all of their games (under the SOE brand), including Planetside, EQ2, etc.

If you're locked out, it might be an idea to actually calling them and explaining the issue.

Then again, I've got no experience with their phone support.

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The game is worth it, yes. I'm actually in the middle of building a $1,200 PC just because I want to continue playing it. I had a lot of fun in the BETA, but for some reason the game runs like shit on ATI/AMD.

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@ck1nd: Hopefully that's a driver issue that'll be sorted, though?

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@Mnemoidian: I honestly don't know. I truly do hope so, but I've never really trusted ATI to be "good" at driver support. nVidia has such a nice presentation style and way of telling you what each driver changed. ATI's site feels like a cluster-fuck and I'll just have to pray they know what they are doing.

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