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Plants vs. Zombies Gamer Review

Awesome game, best ever plats vs. zombies game, great story line, achevments, grafics, and it's awesome get it right now go and get right now it will be worth it all 100%. You'll fight threw day, night, fog and more get it. Near the end of the game you'll unlock a zen garden which is some what a relaxing click for rewards game.

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    There's a zombie on your lawn 0

    I've never really liked traditional tower defense games. I've always felt like they lack focus and variety, two components I like in my games. That being said, PopCap Games is not your traditional tower defense developer, and it shows. Plants vs. Zombies is a surprisingly fresh take on the genre, and is a fun, lighthearted game that should be enjoyed by both "casual" and "hardcore" gamers alike.  What Plants vs. Zombies shares with tower defense games is its basic structure. That is, your primar...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    Plants vs Zombies Review 0

    Plants vs. Zombies reintroduces the tower defense genre by incorporating a hordes of zombies against the defense of plants. However does it succeed in its attempt to make a niche genre accessible for everyone? The massive horde of the undead looks to be the dominant theme as of late in video games but none of them are as hilarious as the ones in Plants vs. Zombies. The prominent mode of the game is undoubtedly the Adventure, or the story. However the addition of Puzzle, Minigame, Survival, and ...

    2 out of 3 found this review helpful.

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