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    Plasma Cannon

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    It's a large scale plasma weapon.

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    Plasma cannons uses plasma as projectiles, they exists in various shapes and sizes. As a man portable weapon it's an heavy weapon and can be an equivalent of an energetic rocket launcher. it can exist also as a turret (man controlled or autonomous); a vehicle weapon and starship weapon. Plasma Cannons are often powerful and inaccurate, their slow projectiles can make them best suited against targets with a moderate or low agility.
    This weapon exists only in futuristic games.

    Earth 2150

    In Earth 2150, plasma cannons are special energy weapons from the UCS, these robots developed one of the most versatile energy weapon in the game, like all energy weapons in Earth 2150, they can't pass through shields and some of the projectiles can be avoided, but it's extremely effective against heavy units. The exists in light variants for small chassis and heavy chassis with a small weapon slot and secondary turret weapons. they also exist as an AA weapon and it's the only anti air energy weapon of the game. In earth 2150 all energy weapons have the advantage to have regenerating ammo

    Duke Nukem 64

    In Duke Nukem 64 the weapon is the replacement of the freezethrower and plays the role of a super weapon, it's not ultimate, but its variable fire power makes it suitable against almost any slow enemy type, while firing small balls is great against weak enemies, chargin the plasma cannon makes it able to fire a powerful plasma ball that detonate upon impact and disintegrate almost every weak enemy in the splash damage zone in one blow leaving only a few particles that disappear, it can also break weakened surfaces like any explosive.


    The Directed Energy Support Weapon, or better known as the Plasma Cannon, is the Covenant's heavy turret. 
    First appeared in Halo 2. It Halo 3 it became larger and the ability to break it off and carry it around as a weapon was available.

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