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The PlayChoice-10 was an arcade system developed by Nintendo that contained ten Nintendo Entertainment System games each. The arcade systems were first released in 1986. Nintendo released the PlayChoice-10 mainly because of the still-strong popularity of the arcade. The PlayChoice-10 was meant to capitalize on that popularity, helping to gain more support for the NES. Nintendo's biggest competitor, Sega, had also been doing similar things with Sega Master System and Sega Genesis games.

Dark Void Zero, a DSiWare release from Capcom (which in itself is a spin-off of another Capcom title, Dark Void) uses the PlayChoice-10 in its fictional backstory. According to Capcom, Dark Void Zero was originally designed to come out on the PlayChoice-10, but the title was lost to history. It has recently been "found" in the Capcom vaults, and was recreated for the Nintendo DS.

Games made available on the PlayChoice-10










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