Murder Island Intro Video...

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Posted by graboids (326 posts) -

I made a quick intro animation for Murder Island, check it out... if you want...


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#1 Posted by Quarters (2638 posts) -

That's pretty great!

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#2 Posted by Monkeyman04 (2707 posts) -


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#3 Posted by alwaysbebombing (2626 posts) -

This community, I tell ya

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#4 Posted by SgtSphynx (2550 posts) -
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#5 Posted by rand0mZer00 (446 posts) -
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#6 Posted by ThePickle (4504 posts) -

Outstanding work as usual.

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#7 Edited by notnert427 (1930 posts) -

This is super good.

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#8 Posted by CujoPrime (76 posts) -

Damn this is awesome! Great job!

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#9 Posted by jimmyoct87 (117 posts) -

Nice work

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#10 Posted by Gamer_152 (14605 posts) -

Powerful commentary in the Dan scene. I like it.

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#11 Edited by Ravelle (2977 posts) -

This is amazing! The pistol sounds could use some BRAP BRAP though.

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#12 Posted by Rigas (603 posts) -

Dan with all the equipment and hiding was perfect, then Abby being spicy completed the flavour profile.

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#13 Posted by frontfungus (42 posts) -

so good

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#14 Posted by dgtlty (940 posts) -

This rules.

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#15 Edited by forteexe21 (1931 posts) -

Amazing. Only thing that would have made it better if someone was getting shot behind Dan but he still not caring.

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#16 Posted by lunardroid (74 posts) -

Good work, duder!

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#17 Posted by Greywolf_Lexx (26 posts) -

Awesome work!

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#18 Posted by BADBARRISTER (48 posts) -
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#19 Posted by elko84 (1363 posts) -

That was great.

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#20 Posted by Spedstyle (27 posts) -

is there no murder island today? or are they all just gearing up for destiny 2 raid?

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#21 Posted by Cheetoman (469 posts) -

Wow, now thats an intro.

No murder island today?

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#22 Posted by Boonsong (1668 posts) -

It's on the schedule now. Praise the gods!

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#23 Posted by Max_Cherry (1432 posts) -

Good job.

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