The Ultimate PUBG Tips and Advice Thread

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Yeah, I know there are a bazillion tips and advice resources out there but I didn't seem to see one on Giant Bomb so why not one more? Plus, in light of the murder Island streams and a lot of people giving their own advice why not compile some of that information here for new players or the murder boys themselves.

I am not an expert on this game by any means. I have about 80 hours and a few chicken dinners to my name and I have watched a fair number of professional streams and have picked up a lot of useful stuff along the way.

We are going to go through things in order starting from before a match even begins and going until it's chicken dinner time. I will be putting a few things behind spoiler drop downs. Not because they are spoilers but only to help with the format of this post and hopefully make things more readable and more digestible.

This is not a tell all guide. If you want to know what weapons do or where the good loot is I am not going to go into that in this thread. These are in depth tips and things to keep in mind. The lines of what I get into and what I don't may seem arbitrary and maybe they are but I will go into what I think is important and the rest you can find on your own.

If there is anything you think I missed or need to add let me know and I will update the OP.

Before The Match Begins

The first thing you want to do is configure your settings. We'll start with Graphics first and then move onto controls.


These are my personal settings. I have a pretty decent machine but I have the most none crucial settings on high just to get that extra sweet FPS.
These are my personal settings. I have a pretty decent machine but I have the most none crucial settings on high just to get that extra sweet FPS.

The most crucial settings in your graphics options here are View distance, shadows, and foliage. I recommend setting View distance to ultra or as high as you can depending on your hardware. Shadows and foliage you want as low as possible. the reason for this simple: view distance obviously makes you see farther. The farther you can see the more time you have to plan and react. The reason for the shadows and foliage is similar in that you want to see as much as you can. Even though lowering foliage doesn't remove anything from the environment that doesn't mean it cant still help to see in and through it. Same for shadows, by default PUBG is a dark game. I have died many times in the early game by players I couldn't see because they were in a particularly dark corner or in the shade of a tree.The rest of the settings feel free to set them to your liking. Keeping in mind your hardware capabilities and the power of a good framerate.


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No Caption Provided

Customize your controls so the important things are easily accessible. If you have extra buttons on your mouse I recommend utilizing your thumb buttons for your free look, a grenade shortcut and Mouse 3 to change your fire rate mode on your guns.

You will often enter a car in the wrong seat and the default controls weren't thought up with easy fast switching in mind with the default controls making you hold CTRL before pressing one of your number keys. Cut out the middle man and just set each seat to F1 through 5.

This next one is optional but I recommend it and I'll go into more of why later. Set your healing items to 1-5 and your weapons to 6 and up (except for weapon_5 those are your grenades which I recommend on your mouse). People will argue that you want your weapon keys closer for fast switching but with a grenade shortcut on your mouse and *effective use of the mouse wheel* (I'll go into this later) you don't really need independent keys for weapons. Plus, having quick access to healing will save you in a pinch and knowing exactly where those keys are will serve you more in the long run.

Dress yourself up (or down)

No Caption Provided

Notice I am not wearing any shoes. My character may look like a hippy but she's a hippy with a purpose. See, mostly everyone wears shoes in this game. Why wouldn't you, right? punk boots look cool and those fly ass sky blue high-tops are sure to turn some heads. But they are also loud. Taking your shoes off not only dampens your sound a little but they also help distinguish your footsteps to any other possible shoe wearing assailant. So when you are on the move if you hear a heavy step instead of a light pitter patter you may have a shoe wearer in your midst.

Another piece of advice here is to dress dark and try to pick things that don't make you stick out like a sour thumb. Big coats and colorful shirts look good but also draws attention to yourself. If you want to be more of a chameleon and get the jump on other players. Consider what you look like going in.

Going Into a Match

In the Lobby

No Caption Provided

Use this time wisely!

You will spend a little over a minute (at the most) waiting for the game to fill up before it starts. Take advantage of this time to familiarize yourself with the smattering of guns laid out on the picnic tables. Shoot at anything and everything. Shoot while moving, standing still, crouched, prone and jumping. Shoot moving targets, stationary targets, close targets and far targets. Shoot in full auto and single fire... you get the point. You should never not be shooting here. Every bit of help you can get in shooting guns at actual players is worth it.

In and Out The Plane

Choosing your jump location

PUBG Johnny says:
PUBG Johnny says:"Get spicy early and often!"

I'll take this time to explain spiciness. Getting spicy is important to getting good at this game. You can hide in bathrooms and shacks all you want and it doesn't matter how good you are at doing it. You may get lucky and last until the end of a round in a bathtub. Eventually, you are going to have to kill somebody and if you don't know what you are doing they will have the upper hand every time.

So get in where the getting is good. Get out there and try to kill. If you die, no biggy just get into a new game and try again. I recommend getting spicy at least 2-3 games each play session. If you want to go weeny status after that well, you earned it. Get good at killing and you won't be so jumpy every time your in a gunfight.

Some of the spiciest areas in the game right now.
Some of the spiciest areas in the game right now.

Proper Parachute Technique

No Caption Provided
PUBG Johnny says:
PUBG Johnny says: "Use "W "and point your camera down to dive faster. Don't press anything and point your camera up to go further and fall slower"

The main thing here is being the first one on the ground. You see those numbers to the left on my screenshot there? That's your speed of descent and it's important so don't ignore it. Basically, what you want to do is pick your location so it isn't too far from the flight path (if you can help it). Get into position early so you can dive straight down and pick up as much speed as possible. 230 KM/h is the max speed and what you want to shoot for. At this speed when your chute is popped you will actually fall farther before your parachute yanks you up. Giving you less distance to the ground than everybody else. Verry handy for those spicy landings.

Look Around While You're In The Air

The advantages you have to see the world around you are as good as they are going to get here so use it wisely. Plan for your path out, plan for entrances and escapes, look for vehicles, anything at all that will give you an idea of what to do when you hit the ground.

"Boots" on the ground


Be smart about whether you leave doors open or not. Doors start out as closed so any open ones mean a player opened it. You can leave doors open to tell another player to move on (or lead them straight to you). You could also close doors to make them think there is no one in there and surprise them with a shotgun blast when they open the door.

Being An Effective Looter

At the start only pick up what you need

A lot of new players pick up whatever they see and figure it out later. That's a good way to run out of space and a great way to get caught with your pants down when you need something fast.

Go for guns first, ammo second, kill if you need to and then focus on the other things you need (backpacks, healing etc.).

Think ahead

When you have time to loot not only pick up what you need at the moment but what you will need or want in the future. If you want or plan to get a certain gun. Pick up attachments and ammo even if the gun isn't right there in front of you.

  • Always pick up healing items.
  • Don't pick up too many bandages. (around 20 should be more than enough)
  • Never pick up gas unless you are sure you need it
PUBG Johnny says:
PUBG Johnny says: "Try to learn what ammo/attachment goes with each gun and what attachments and ammo look like from the ground to save time"

Be quick

How fast you get your hands on certain things could mean the difference between life death. Use the inventory screen (tab) to see whats in the ground, Right click to equip/ move it into your inventory quickly.

Don't spend too much time looting

Having good equipment is good but spending too much time worrying about your equipment can often leave you in a poor position later. Be aware of your place on the map and get into a good position early to make the best use of your time.

Have both long and short range options

Carrying two shotguns or two rifles may seem like a fun idea but you are limiting your effectiveness in a fight by doing this. You want to have a good all 'round weapons so you are ready for every situation. You can find which weapons you like on your own time but I will recommend against shotguns in the mid to late game. Heres why: shotguns are good for indoor situations and pretty much only indoor situations. You are more likely to have an enemy at mid to long range than right up in your grill. this is why I say get a good Assault Rifle (M16, AKM, M4 Etc.) for your primary weapon and sub machine gun (Vector, UMP, Uzi) as your secondary.

*Effective mouse wheel usage*

Remember this from earlier when you didn't know what the heck I was talking about? Well, this is it.

I've died a bunch by scrolling to the wrong weapon and this fixed it for me.
I've died a bunch by scrolling to the wrong weapon and this fixed it for me.

These two slots to the right of your inventory are your gun slots. What we are doing here is reserving slots for the weapon we want. Primary goes in the first slot secondary goes in the second slot. Simple right? Now, this is important so you know which way to spin your mouse wheel. Now, your mouse should only be used to switch between these two weapons. Grenades are on your mouse already and if you're desperate enough to pull out a melee weapon scrolling there should be fine. Now we know that scrolling up will give us our rifle and scrolling down will get us our submachine gun or shotgun. Easy peasy.

Cargo Drops

Only go after these if you are in a good position to do so. A lot of players want whats in those juicy drops but it's only sometimes worth it. It's almost always better to move on then engage with the dozen other people that came to see whats in the box. If you are close get it fast and run for cover or stake it out and kill everyone going for it and pick up whats left when everyone is dead.

Moving about

Awareness is everything

  • Use free look to constantly look around you.
  • Use the sounds of gun fire and footsteps to get an idea of where your target is.
  • Place yourself in a position to know where they are before they know where you are.
  • Approach buildings from low visibility areas (out of sight of windows Etc.)
  • Move with the cover not away from it

How gunshot sound works

No Caption Provided

This is one of the more tricky parts of the game and it isn't always clear who is shooting and where they are shooting from. It is also one of the most important. Gunshots work like this: Someone shoots at you from long range, of course, you will hear a gunshot but you will also hear one of two other sounds. You will hear either the bullet hitting you or the bullet whizzing to either side of your virtual person. If I were to ask you which one you would hear first the common misconception is to say the gunshot but it is actually one of the other two. This "bullet whizz" is what confuses a lot of new players and leaves them on the wrong side of a rock or tree. We react to the first thing we hear, it's only natural but you want to break this habit fast. Listen for the direction of the gunshot not the direction of the bullet whizz.

Footsteps are loud

Foot steps are loud and can be heard from a surprising distance away. Listen closely and stop making noise so you know where a possible sneak attack could be coming from.

Your footsteps are also loud so If you don't want someone to know you are therehold down CTRL while moving to slow walk. This quiets your footsteps but isn't totally silent so keep that in mind when you're sneaking about. (crouch and prone moving are not completely silent either)

Vehicles are fun but not always useful

  • Only use vehicles if you have a long way to travel or want to get somewhere fast.
  • Bring gas for long trips
  • Beware of motorcycles (they are easy to flip)
  • Buggy's backside is completely bulletproof (no other vehicle is bulletproof at all)
  • Vehicles explode
  • Shooting out tires is fun
  • Vehicles are loud


Know your armor

Helmets and head shots with an AR

  • No helmet: 1 shot kill
  • level 1: 2 shots kill
  • level 2: 2 shots kill
  • level 3: 3 shots kill

Body Armor

3 shots+ with every weapon at any armor level with the exception of shotguns and sniper rifles which are 2 shots only (Shotguns kill with one shot if you aren't wearing armor.)

Always go where the cover is

Rocks, trees, logs, buildings anything that stops a bullet. Be there before engaging if possible.

Use Grenades

Whether it's for distraction, flushing out or getting someone behind cover don't forget to use grenades. Each type is useful for different situations.

Know when to switch fire modes

Single fire for mid to long range, full auto for mid to short range. Single fire is always good if your good at aiming and fast at pulling the trigger. I would even go as far as to say leave your primary AR on dingle fire all the time and use your sub machine gun for your rapid fire opportunity's but I leave that to your own comfort ability with the aiming.

I Made It To The Top 5 Now What?

(I'll fill this out later)

Playing As A Team

(I'll fill this out later too)

I have been working on this for too long and i need to sleep. I will pad the rest of this out later and fix any format issues i am too lazy to do now. Until then...

PUBG Johnny says:
PUBG Johnny says: "Thanks for reading!"

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Your ingame setting are crazy, high AA and PP.

Only tips you need are watch the GB streams and do the opposite.

Also bushes are super overpowered. I've lost count the amount of time I've sat in a bush in an open field and shot people less than 10 feet away who can't see me. Maybe not good for the final circle but in almost all other circumstances I'd take a bush over standing behind a tree (obviously not when already being shot at).

Real good Google doc with damage info.

I'd probably also add that vehicles are super fun, if you're taking PUBG so super seriously that you wont take a vehicle because they are noisy you're playing it wrong.

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I forgot all about bushes :D I'll add that, thanks!

I get steady 60+FPS so I have no reason to drop the settings any lower.

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I drop them because it makes the game look hideous.

I'm not too sure that the bushes are a great tactic really, at least once people begin checking them. I've found them super helpful and it's not like I'm low ranked or anything. They can be fantastic for that surprise attack but a good player will know where you are pretty quickly.

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Learning to crouch jump can be useful in the right situation, done successfully you can get out of windows (without breaking them!) and do some other creative stuff like getting on different roofs etc. Some examples below.

How it works



Baiting fools

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Honestly you can do a lot of good work in a vehicle in the late game.

You can get to good positions that other people can't reach because of the lack of cover on approach.

People often shoot at moving vehicles and reveal their location, so they will then become easy targets for each other while you ride off to a good position.

People entrenched behind cover can be either flushed out or run over if you are daring enough, which is a lot of fun.

If you're playing in a squad you can use one person in a vehicle to distract from your approach, and reveal where everybody else is.

Ideally I would say you always need a good destination in mind for your car, otherwise you will end up dead after not very long driving in circles. Cause some havoc when there's 15 people left and put yourself in a nice position with a blitzkreig assault on the best position left, and either you take it and improve your chances of winning, or you die in the process. In my book that's better and more fun than trying to crawl through open field and hoping that nobody can see you. Be the master of your own destiny! Plus, it's fun. You can change seats in the car to exit on a side which gives you cover, probably better cover than whatever tree or rock other people are hiding behind.

Also agree that the game is way easier on the eye with post-processing turned off, for me at least.

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Good tip. Use shift while sniping. Took me forever to realize this.

My biggest tip is use weapons with silencers or reduce muzzle flash. I like to shoot from the shade of trees or buildings and the flash is a dead giveaway.

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Thanks for those graphics settings, my game is running pretty smooth now :D

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Unless you're an excellent shot, don't try to hit a motorbike from the side. They might be exposed, but they are going so fast that from the side I find it almost impossible to hit, unless you're right next to them and can just auto fire away. In a worst case scenario you might just give your position away like another user pointed out. Shooting a motorbike from behind is fair game though, much easier.

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Shotguns have a surprising range when properly aimed and choked, but it takes practice. As a rule of thumb I treat all shotguns as having double the effective range in the hands of other players than they do in your own hands.

Each gun has a different initial bullet velocity. This is important to keep in mind when aiming at extreme distances if the target is moving.

If you feel hamstrung by poor performance on your PC, make sure to tinker with the graphics settings. For example: If you have a high-end graphics card but an average processor, you may see a performance improvement from turning the texture quality UP!

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Came here expecting some random person from the internet who had found that GB liked PUBG and came to shill their own Youtube 'check out my awesome tips' channel.

Instead found a pretty well written, insightful article (as I am terrible at PUBG) with Vignocchi gifs.

Duder approved thread - nice work.

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If you feel hamstrung by poor performance on your PC, make sure to tinker with the graphics settings. For example: If you have a high-end graphics card but an average processor, you may see a performance improvement from turning the texture quality UP!

This is the case for Anti-Aliasing for me, too. Bumping it from Very Low to Ultra actually increased my framerate by anywhere from 10-20.

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Even if you are terrible with pistols, it's a good idea to pick one up. All pistols apart from the revolver have a red dot sight slot, which saves you valuable storage space:

1. In the early game when you may need space for ammo and can not yet mount the red dot to a primary weapon.

2. Late game when the range you are fighting at decreases drastically. You can pull the red dot off of your pistol and mount it to your assault rifle for better close range combat.

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I find it incredibly useful to bind an easy to access hotkey to vehicle seat one. This is a lifesaver in panic situations such as getting in the wrong side of a car while being fired upon or taking control of a moving vehicle when the driver is knocked out.

All vehicles benefit from the lean keys, not just motorcycles. If you're in the process of flipping a car, you have a moment before it comes to rest to try and write it by leaning away from the ground.

If there's a chance of your vehicle being stolen while you're looting a house, park it so you can shoot the driver from the windows. Don't give them the luxury of a dune buggy seat between their head and your gun.

You can pop the tires on a vehicle. Two tires gone is enough to make any vehicle a deathtrap. if you want to use your car as a trap, park it near a wall and destroy the tires nearest the wall. desperate players may hop in before checking to see if it's useable.

vehicles can only explode once. After the flames die down, they become a perfectly good piece of cover. you can even pre-explode your vehicles!

Pay attention to what attracts players, especially good ones, to a location. You may have a silenced weapon, but if you miss and the other person opens fire, you may as well not have had it at all.

Building on the above, good players nearby may hear your silenced shots and head for you to try and take it from you. One of my squadmates is constantly matching the killfeed to nearby noise. If we here somebody going to town with a silenced Kar98K and don't see any kills, we're likely to try to take it from them, especially if we don't hear a teammate firing along with them.

It's not always the right choice, but breaking windows with your fists to set up a sniping position can save your life. Savvy players will look for a broken window when they hear a crash to determine where a shot came from, but if all the windows on the side of a large house are gone, that information is less useful. balance this against letting somebody know which house you're in before they arrive.

Expanding upon the use of helmets: Helmets give a percentage of damage reduction until they break COMPLETELY. That means a level three hemet about to break is better than a pristine level two helmet if you'll only be shot once; Where I encounter this being meaningful is being in cover in a sniper duel with both options available (such as running into a deathtrap house late game.) A Kar98K will kill you with one shot with a level two helmet on, so grab that level three off the ground and swap back to your level two once it breaks. It seems like an incredibly specific circumstance but I've lost a chicken dinner to it three separate times now.

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Thanks for this thread guys these are some interesting tips!

I now can't wait to dive into the PUBG after work and play about.

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@williamr said:

Thanks for this thread guys these are some interesting tips!

I now can't wait to dive into the PUBG after work and get murdered constantly

I fixed your quote to reflect the reality of the game (at least how it is for me!)

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@williamr said:

Thanks for this thread guys these are some interesting tips!

I now can't wait to dive into the PUBG after work and get murdered constantly

I fixed your quote to reflect the reality of the game (at least how it is for me!)

Good point! Its hard to "play about" in this game outside of the start area. I ran past that crashed Plane yesterday in a game and thought "oh cool I wonder what is around here" but instead of having a good old explore i heard some gunshots on a ridge and crawled on past trying to stay safe. I have started a couple of games now thinking I will just use this "life" as an excuse to have a look around a portion of the map I am not familiar with, but as soon as I pick up a gun and the number of players starts dropping I forget all about that and concentrate on staying alive. But I have to say paying attention to tips like this thread is helping me get better, slowly but surely.

My Tip for the thread, - As well as using Shift key whilst sniping (as mentioned above) to hold breath and reduce the gun swaying about, when you use it with just a Red Dot sight (or holographic) it gives you a small amount of extra zoom. Its not much, but its useful when a red dot is all you have!

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As far as I understood from streams of players all you need to do is wait till players kill each other and try to escape them while going to the centre of map haha

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Loudness equalization is amazing. It makes footsteps louder and gunshots less deafening. It does make the sound a bit weird but it's definitely worth it because locating sounds is so much easier with it. I think it even improved how well I recognize sniper locations.

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I'm curious as to whether anyone changed the mouse sensitivity when ADS with a scope and what you changed them to? I've only got about 7 hours in the game, and it's my first PC game so I'm getting used to muse and keyboard controls as I go.

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@patoday said:

I'm curious as to whether anyone changed the mouse sensitivity when ADS with a scope and what you changed them to? I've only got about 7 hours in the game, and it's my first PC game so I'm getting used to muse and keyboard controls as I go.

Here you go dude. My mouse DPI is also set quite low - normally for games that require high precision you want lower sensitivity and DPI settings. You'll have to move your mouse around more but you will end up being able to aim much more accurately at small or distant targets.

The 4x-8x-15x sensitivity gets progressively lower. At 8x and up with these settings, it's only for slight movements of the crosshair and not for scoping in and scanning a large area.

No Caption Provided

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#23 Posted by PatODay (341 posts) -

@mike: Thanks for that! I haven't done much tweaking with the DPI on the mouse but I'll definitely try out different settings to find a good spot for me. I've been running everything in PUBG on the default settings so this whole thread has been a huge help. Thanks again.

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Does everyone else just use a keyboard and mouse? I've been toying with the idea of dusting off my old N52 Nostromo and trying to bind all the most used/important keys to that but I'd like to know if anyone has had success with something similar. I just feel like there are moments when I'm glancing at the keyboard when I need to be focused on not being murdered.

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#25 Posted by Mike (17751 posts) -

@thelandostander: I have rebound a few keys on the keyboard but that's it, I don't think I really use that many. I guess there are more now that you can bind keys for specific boosters and Insert for dropping a map marker on your current location, but I never feel like I'm struggling with the keyboard. What binds are you using so often that a keyboard isn't working well?


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