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    PlayStation 2 Network Adaptor

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    A combined dial-up modem and Ethernet adapter released for the PlayStation 2, which plugs into the console's expansion bay and allows online play in certain games. It also enables installation of the PlayStation 2 Hard Disk Drive.

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    The Network Adaptor for PlayStation 2 was released in July 2001 in Japan, August 2002 in North America, and June 2003 in Europe. It functions as both an Ethernet network adapter for broadband Internet, and a modem for dial-up.

    In North America, the adapter launched with several online-capable games: SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs, NFL GameDay 2003, Madden NFL 2003, NFL 2K3, and Twisted Metal: Black ONLINE, which could be obtained for free using a mail-order coupon that came with the adapter.

    The slimline PS2 does not support the adapter, though later revisions of the system include a built-in Ethernet port. No slimline PS2s support the HDD, however, which prevents users from playing online games like Final Fantasy XI that require a hard drive.


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