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Lately, I'm coming back and playing all the best games for the PS2 that I didn't play when the console was at its height of popularity. I've looked around the top 10, top 25 etc. lists around the internet (IGN, GameSpy and the rest), but it all always seems to come down to GTA, Metal Gear and God of War. Right now, I'm playing Persona 3 and 4 and Silent Hill 2 (I've played the original and the fourth installment). I was looking for some good games outside these top 10 lists.

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I have a ton of games for the PS2. If you get a chance, check out my list. One game that I want to get my hands on that I don't have yet is Katamari Damacy. Some games you should check out that no one else mentions is Psi-Ops and the Lord of the Rings series. Skip Fellowship of the Ring. That one was a disappointment. 

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