Add PSN ID if you are from Europe

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Add your PSN id if you live in europe, because of the timezone its hard to find time to play people from the US or asia.
PSN ID: misi

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#2 Posted by TSchonbeck (132 posts) -


Go on add away =P

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#3 Posted by Vanek (412 posts) -

PSN ID:  Cerigon

Feel free to add me.  ^_^

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op223op add me! from england

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PSN ID: GroovayDude
Play COD4, MGS4, GH3, GTA IV

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#6 Edited by Rhombus_Of_Terror (2473 posts) -

PSN:- necron91 (UK)

playing CoD4 mostly, but also Burnout Paradise and MGO.

-EDIT- tell me you're from Giant bomb too :)
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#7 Posted by Aidan (25 posts) -


Playing: COD4 gettin kinda bored of that now, MGO

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#8 Posted by BreatheEasy (157 posts) -


Add me I'll accept anyone.

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