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hey all, i'm finally getting some regular use out of my ps3 thanks to PS+, my $20 copy of BF4, and my $30 copy of The Last of Us i picked up lately but the thing that's frustrating me the most is the thumbsticks of the Dual Shock 3. I'm very used to the 360 controller in both layout and feel since i use that on my 360 and PC. The stick tension on the DS3 feels significantly more loose than the Xbox controller and the sensitivity of the thumbstick buttons is problematic when playing shooters and theres an action tied to the stick button that interrupts something important like shooting a dude when i accidentally click it. Can anyone recommend a good 3rd party controller. I looked around but most of the reviews for products seem negative. Was wondering if anyone had an opinion of a decent one they'd recommend or tips for combating the problems i stated above.


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I don't play shooters, but I definitely noticed people who have that constant click-in issue. They have an absolute deathgrip on those sticks. I'd play GT5 online and hear cars with their horn blaring constantly because they are white-knuckling their DS3. Mellow out a bit, guys. Relax those hands. You still won't be able to beat me, but you'll drive a lot better.

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