Getting a PS3. Need advice on streaming.

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Hello, all. Now that the new gen is here, I can finally afford a PS3 for all those JRPGs I missed out on.....and Persona 5 of course ;)

I would like to stream/record my gameplay for my friends as I already stream my PC gamesplays using OBS. I have read up on this and I am a bit confused. With the PS3, there is the HDCP issue and I read that it is hard to bypass. It requires you to buy some expensive HDCP strippers or something like that. I did some more reading and some stated that this Avermedia can do it, others have said this Elgato is the easiest and best way to stream/record the PS3. I definitely need some advice on this. The Elgato is not a card so my desktop will have to do the work. I think it can handle it. Intel i5-3570k / AMD HD 7850.

Also, I have one monitor I use, this one. Do I HAVE to get another one? The monitor has a hotkey to swap between DVI, VGA and HDMI inputs. So, I was thinking to have my PC hooked up via DVI and the PS3/Capture Device via HDMI. That way I can swap between the PS3/PC if I need to configure the settings. As far as monitoring the stream, I have a laptop so I can view it from there. Any replies is appreciated.....even if it's to laugh at me for being late to own a PS3...hahaha....


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Eek...links aren't working....I don't know how to fix that..

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Like you said, PS3 has HDCP encryption on it's HDMI out so you can't record that way without a splitter. However, you can use the A/V out to record with component cables and external capture hardware like the Elgato HD, Avermedia Live Gamer Portable or Hauppauge HD PVR 2 all have special A/V pieces specifically for that. If I were to recommend one to you, I would probably say the Elgato. It is easy to set up with streaming programs like OBS and the packaged recording software is simple to use. Also, don't sweat over your PC specs; capture cards like these do all the encoding themselves so very little stress is put on your system.

Also, yes, you can use the HDMI and DVI inputs on your monitor to plug both your games and your PC into it and just switch that way if that is what you want to do.

Awesome! That's great! Thanks very much TK_Frampt. If a mod is watching, I guess this thread can be closed now.

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