Getting a PS3 on Black Friday, question about PS+

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Would it still be worth it for me to get PS+? My main reason for doing it would be the games you get. Are they still planning on supporting the PS3 with those games or will they be PS4 games from here on out?

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Seems like they're dwindling down the games you get for free for the ps3, they just haven't been as flashy when compared to a few months back. I might recommend getting a free trial or a 3 month one just to see how the games look. From what I saw the window for free psn plus games and deals was probably at its peak righ around this time last year. My point of opinion is from the US stores PS+, remember seeing the European store still has some pretty crazy deals.

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Okay, thanks, that is pretty much what I figured.

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I'd pick up the 3 month version. Isn't that much more expensive per month than if you bought a full year and in 3 months, you'll have a much better idea if it's worth keeping.

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On another note when do you think we'll get a ps3 price drop? E3? I want to future proof my current gen and am waiting for price drops on both the Xbox and Ps3

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IIRC they're cutting back a by one title a month to make place for PS4+ freebies.

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Oh, I guess another question I have is would I get access to the past free games? I didn't think I would but looking at Sony's website they make it seem like I would.

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Yea they may start slowing down the free games for ps3, but right now I think its still very much worth it. Current games for free at the moment are XCOM, Uncharted 3, Dragon Dogma, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, along with a few more. 3 month ps+ is 18 bucks and it gets you 5 really good games. So even if they do slow down on free games for ps3, right now it's worth it.

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