I have $83.30 burning a hole in my PSN wallet...

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...and I need to know:

  • $13.99 - Does Shadow of the Colossus hold up? Graphics ocassionally hinder me from getting started with games, but if the first hour has good enough gameplay to hook me I no longer care after that period.
  • $10.49 - How would you categorize Tokyo Jungle? I'm a big fan of "upgrade" games; loot-lust, skill upgrades, those kinds of things. Let me put it this way: I loved Mass Effect 1's inventory system because it made me examine stats and swap weapons between characters. When your Pomeranian reproduces does Tokyo Jungle surface your stats? Does it feel like an RPG?
  • $6.99 - How good was inFamous: Festival of Blood? I played a few hours of inFamous 1 after PSN's outage reparations gave me a free copy. I thought it was pretty good but I just never really got into it.

I finally picked up Journey last week, but I'm holding off on that until the time is right--it's replacing TWD in that regard.

I know I'll probably get some suggestions to buy PS+ but I don't turn on my PS3 enough to justify that.

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infamous festival of blood was a great piece of DLC.

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1. Why have more than like 15 bucks on PSN at any point?

2. Shadow of the Colossus is supposed to be good, I imagine it's mostly a product of its era though and not quite as impressive today; probably still a solid experience however (like 9/10 instead of 10/10).

3. Tokyo Jungle is pretty good though the graphics suck for sure, every time you reproduce it tells you what stats have upgrade; you do have to start from "scratch" with every new animal you unlock though; granted some are better than others.

4. Vagrant Story is 5.99, Castlevania Symphony of the Night is 10 bucks, God Hand is 10 bucks, PS+ is definitely worth it for like 18 bucks since you get like 15 games; just turn it on to play those games and tada purchase justified.

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I'd say by those prices, buy a PS+ membership, get Tokyo Jungle at a bigger discount, and buy Just Cause 2 if you haven't played it yet.

Also, Hell Yeah! is incredibly awesome.

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There are a lot of good recommendations above. All I'd add is that Shadow of the Colossus had exactly one problem on the PS2, which was a slightly dodgy framerate during boss fights. I can think of nothing else to say against it. However, that HD bundle with Ico is a love letter to fans of both and is $20 everywhere.

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Shadow of the Colossus still holds up. Played it last year in the HD collection along with Ico for the first time. Great game.

Oh, and I too have $30 on PSN. I was thinking Hell Yeah! like said since that game looks like a ton of stupid fun. Kinda conflicted with Tokyo Jungle, though. It seems really out there and I'm not sure I'll like it.

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Tokyo Jungle is stupid fun. It doesn't have any RPG elements as far as I'm concerned. It does get a little repetitive after awhile but if you like what you see, get it before it gets bumped back to $15. I got Festival of Blood when it was on sale and honestly couldn't play more than 15 minutes of it.

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Shadow of the Colossus is still one of the most amazing games and the HD version does look great imo. I've been wanting Tokyo Jungle for a while now, haven't played it but I think it would be a lot of fun. Don't know much about Festival of Blood so can't comment on that.

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Just ran through Hell Yeah over the long weekend. It has great controls, a lot of gameplay variety, and some really funny enemies and environments. The pace never lets up, either: its smart level design minimizes backtracking, there's a miniboss around every corner, and the game ends before you get tired of it.

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Shadow of the Colossus holds up really well, playing it right now infact....still super awesome fun time to defeat a Colossus

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Instead just buy the bestest RPG offered for the PS 1: Grandia and play the SHEET out of it.

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Shadow of the Colossus still holds up because only a few games have really attempted to do anything like it, and they never really quite have the same feeling that shadow had. So control wise it is still good, and the art style of shadow is good enough to cover up most of the graphical shortcomings of being a PS2 game. Amazon is selling the ico/shadow collection for $20, and i recommend ico as well, or see the price of the collection on PSN to burn that money.

And if you don't have PS+ that would be a good way to burn $50 for a year of "free" games and discounts.

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If you don't have them already:

Persona 3:FES

Vanquish is on PSN for like 20 bucks.


Alternatively: $83.30 spent on PlayStation®Home clothes.

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Get Siren Blood Curse if you like horror games. Also, im not sure if it's available on PSN but if it is, you should get Motorstorm - Pacific Rift. This is by far the best racing game I played this generation.

Also if you want something really obscure, you should check out Trash Panic, which the best way to describe this would be a physics based Tetris. it can be a bit hard but its interesting to say the least.

Also, no PS3 collection should be without Wipeout HD/Fury.

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Ratchet and Clank HD is a must own.

I played Infamous Festival of Blood last Halloween and its ok. Easy Platinum in i think about 5 hours.

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Somewhere, at some time, you made some really bad decisions.

Have you played Walking Dead yet? If not, but the season pass.

Get a PlayStation Plus member ship

There are a shit-ton of download retail games on the store now. I'm sure you can find something that is worth it.

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With enough breeding in tokyo jungle you can have a pomeranian who eats jaguars.

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@Stete: didn't Pacific Rift's online get shutdown?

I reallyreallyreally like Malicious if you're into 3d brawler Mega man boss fights with a gorgeous aesthetic.

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How the fuck do you have that much money on your PSN account?

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People really need to ask if Shadow of the Colossus is good?

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I tried to play Shadow of the Colossus recently and the graphics weren't a problem at all. The gameplay and controls, however, were. You spend most of the game riding a horse, but the horse controls are terrible. The colossus fights did not excite me at all. I really thought it would be a game I'd be into, but it was a total disappointment. YMMV.

Tokyo Jungle is fun and worth playing, but don't go in hoping for an RPG. There are stats, and they are surfaced, but I never felt like they mattered. There is loot, but it's so rare that you may be frustrated with how infrequently you find new stuff. I liked the game though, it's weird and Japanese in all the right ways.

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I found that Shadow of the Colossus still holds up and I'm quite enjoying Tokyo Jungle.

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Tokyo Jungle isn't an RPG at all, and is more or less a roguelike with breeding instead of loot. I totally agree with previous posters however that the stats never seem to make much difference. The real challenge you'll realise is paying attention to the beeper bulletins that scroll across the screen every few minutes telling you what area is polluted. There is also a lot of risk/reward of when to reproduce, and which optional time-sensitive challenges you'll bother going for. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then yes, it's worth buying.

Unfinished Swan is not bad too if you want something unique, but you should probably finish Journey first.

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I like Toyko jungle, but I have a hard time dealing with time management in real life, and moreso in the game. I almost wish there was a way to turn off time. (realizing this would defeat the premise of course)

Anyhoo, While you may not have any intention on buying a PS+ membership, let me say that it was one of the better decisions I made. Not immediately of course, but I know the extra discount has payed for itself in almost just over 3 months with the amount of purchases I've made, without including the freebies. Music Unlimited was worth the discounted purchase, at $12 for a year to have "offline mode" and a library of music on my phone (for in my car and while donating plasma)

I think you can get a PS+ / Music Unlimited (if still offered) / Tokyo Jungle / Hell Yeah all for that price, and have a ton of bang for your bux.

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So, I ended up biting the bullet on all three, but not before a three-month subscription to PS+.

I'm still a bit unsure about Tokyo Jungle, but I loved the original Dead Rising and they seem to share several aspects, so we'll see.

The ridiculous amount of money in the account is left over from when I first bought my PS3. I started buying all of the exclusives I had missed and I got tired of having to input my password every time to permit a withdrawal, so I just moved a large amount of cash at once. Unfortunately, I discovered I had done so right before running out of exclusives I wanted to play! With all of the GOTY discussion including several PS3 exclusives, I started browsing the--much, much improved--PSN store.

And, Journey? Completely different than I expected! I finished my first (first of many, I think) visit in a little more than an hour, and I'm a now a bit confused about which sliding section Brad was referring to since the noteworthy one in my mind was no more than halfway through. The experience struck me in rather a different way than most, I think. I don't see it as an art piece but as a sanctuary. It achieved what Flower, by its excessive abstraction, could not. thatgamecompany managed to make a place I would like to visit, purely as a user.

Thanks, everyone, for your input!

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@ESREVER: Oh, apparently they did. Admittetly I stopped playing that game online because there is no way to mute other players and that really got into my nerves, but that's a seriously dick move from Sony.

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