I just bought a PS3, game suggestions anyone?

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#51 Posted by JZ (2343 posts) -

All the just ps3 games.

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#52 Posted by devise22 (567 posts) -

I'd give MAG a play if you have any interest in FPS. While not the best of it's class it was unique and I thought pretty underrated.

The Ratchet and Clank stuff are pretty much a must, and if you plan on doing any Resistance and don't care about continuity just play 2/3 imo.

Flower and Journey are also a must. Tons of weird crazy idea stuff on the PSN as well some of which is actually playable. DC Universe Online is F2P as well and other than the big DL runs pretty good on PS3. Have to be in the mood for an MMO for that though.

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#53 Posted by gaboi2010 (17 posts) -

Games I have so far........

Madden 09

Ridge Racer 7

MLB 09 The Show

Midnight Club Los Angeles

Dirt 3

Little Big Planet Karting

Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet 2

Grand Tursimo 5 XL

Call Of Duty MW

Need For Speed The Run

Need For Speed Most Wanted 2

WWE 12


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