Is there a way to speed up downloads on my PS3?

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I've had my PS3 since launch, and I've barely played it, save for the Uncharted and Metal Gear games really. However, I recently purchased PS+ and have been purchasing the free games since I signed up.

However downloading these games are an absolute chore. Why on earth are they so terribly slow? I may not have the fasted internet, but at it's peak I can get up to 3MB/s. On the PS3, I barely get passed 3Mb/s.

Anyone got any tips? :/

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For me, setting the secondary DNS to google's -address helped a quit a bit.

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If you can, try hard-wiring it with an ethernet cable (assuming you're using wi-fi now).

Definitely helped for me.

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@berserker976: Yup it works with a charm with a cable . i will try the Google DNS the other guy mentioned when i download the next batch of plus games,

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if you don't have room to wire it like they are in two separate rooms you can use a wireless bridge to set it up I use that so I get a wireless N signal and then pump it in via Ethernet to my ps3

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