No video from HDMI?

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So I'm using a fat PS3 (the gunmetal gray MGS one to be specific) and have it hooked up to my monitor through HDMI. It's been fine for as long as I've done it, but today, when all the Persona news was hitting I was like "man, I should beat P3:FES" so I went and got it downloading, switched input back to my computer for a bit, and when I switched to check the download progress, I was getting just a black screen.

The monitor says there is a signal coming in, resetting my PS3 video settings did nothing, and I've tried connecting my Wii U through HDMI to confirm that it isn't the monitor or cable.

Am I boned? Is this an issue that others have experienced? And if I am boned, should I get a slim or super slim replacement?

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@ghostytrickster: Maybe the display in your PS3 changed into something else? Do you have a tv to check this out ... outside of that nothing comes into mind

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@aetheldod: I don't own a TV, but I'm headed to my folk's place on Tuesday for Thanksgiving holiday, so I figure I'll test it out on their TV.

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Sometimes it gets messed up and I don't know if you've tried it yet but by holding down the power button for ten seconds or so resets the video output to whatever is currently connected. This usually works for me when I have a similar issue.

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This happens if the PS3 is configured to output to a different resolution than what it currently plugged into. I think if you hold down the power button till it beeps 3 times twice it will come up in a safe mode.

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@extomar: @roxasthirteen: Tried that out, no results. :( It is looking like it might be something console related. I'm going to try HDMI to my parent's TV, then try composite video and component video. If either of those work, it'll let me hold off on getting a replacement since it wouldn't be the worst playing a PS2 Classic in SD on a crappy old CRT display, but I'm definitely going to have to do something about it next year.

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