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Sleeping Dogs!? Are you kidding me.

For those of your unaware of just how much better Europe's PS+ benefits are, February's feature title is Sleeping Dogs. One of 2012's best games that came out in August is free. Meanwhile, US users get January 2010's Darksiders for free. Finally, the Europeans aren't getting the short end of the stick.

However, I want in on this, and I'm wondering if any American's here have tried signing up for a European PS+ account in North America. Does it work? Do I just need an address and a Visa/MasterCard? Basically I'm just looking for basic information on how it will work, if it's possible. I did a Google search and didn't find anything, but I also didn't look very hard.

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You wanna know what's worse? PlayStation Plus HK. I regret using my HK PSN account as my main and not my AU account.

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@gothmoogle: Thats pretty awesome, 4 games I have been eyeing (excluding Joe Danger) but havent bought yet, already glad I have PS+ in the EU, i hope some of these do cross over to america but as previous months have gone maybe not?

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You'd need an account from an EU country, and then you'd need to buy a +Membership card or a points card to buy it on the store for that specific region. (You can get them digitally sent to you from 3rd party sellers)

I think someone had issues with making a Swedish account and buying a UK card or something, so make sure you check first.

Plus is like the only good thing we get in the UK PSN. They're selling Dead Space 3 for £60, a £20 markup on what you'd pay anywhere else.

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: This works just fine, as I have been subscribed to both EU and US plus from the start (yes... I know). You just need to create a US PSN account. For the address just search for hotels in states that don't apply taxes to digital goods, saves you a bit of money. You can't use your creditcard as far as I am aware, since it is linked to a different address. You can just add money to your wallet using paypal on the webstore or buy some with added service fees :( on eBay.

Just make sure when you buy DLC for your plus games, this has to be on account you received your games.

EDIT: Misread your question, but it also works vice versa.
EDIT 2: Appearrantly PayPal does not work since you can not use it when your account is not located in the country of purchase. So your only chance is to use 3rd party pre-paid cards.

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I know how you feel, I too am a North American Plus Member and it's obvious that our European gamers get the far better deal. However there might be reasons why, for one PS Plus is more expensive in some European countries (at least according to a someone I play with on PSN), and it really boils down to Sony of America not listening to it's fanbase.

I hope this changes. I tried DarkSiders, it was ok but nothing special.

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Oh btw, March is looking kinda ok aswell. Mass Effect 3, Dead or Alive 5, Joe Danger 2: The Movie and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.

Not sure if some or all of those are coming in the US aswell though... In any case PS+ is the bees knees.

For fuck's sake! It took 3 weeks just for NA to get Vanquish. The NA blog won't even give you the schedule for the month either, you have to come back every Monday to see what comes out that week. I really like PS+, I've gotten a lot of great stuff out of it, but it could be better in NA and it needs to be.

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@plasmabeam44: Yeah, SCEE really has stepped up their game since they startet PS+

All we need now is for the PS4 to be released at roughly the same time as in the US :)

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I spent around 3 hours a few weeks ago figuring this out, and I got it to work. For those who care, here's what I did:

Started creating a PSN account like normal until it asked for my address. I spent a good 30 minutes trying to figure out how to properly input a UK apartment complex address (it's insane just how different our mailing addresses are, and figuring them out when they aren't labeled was damn tough), but once I did I was in. After doing all of that, I went over to the Store where I tried purchasing a 12-month subscription. Though, when I entered in my credit card info (MasterCard), it asked for a billing address and it wouldn't accept my US address. Understandable. But I was determined, so I went to GAME and bought a digital code on their website. At first I tried to use Paypal as my form of payment, but after logging in it said I couldn't buy this product in the US. So I went back to my cart and entered my credit card information. It took a few tries to get things to work, and after an annoying 5 minute verification process, the code was emailed to me.

TL;DR: Find an apartment complex address. Enter it. Go to Buy this. Enter the code. Download way better games.

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