Problems playing Uncharted?

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My PS3 has a problem playing Uncharted: Drake's Fortune as well as Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. However, I don't have a problem with any other games. I've looked at multiple sources online, and have tried everything they have recommended. It seems Uncharted in particular has a lot of problems. I've wiped my hard drive clean and reset it factory standards, I've cleaned both discs multiple times,. Neither one of the discs have any scratches what so ever. What happens is neither one of them usually get past the first loading screen. When they do, they usually freeze up a few minutes later. Does anyone have any ideas? My PS3 is one of the older "fatter" models, and is about four years old. If it's something I have to send into Sony to get fixed, does anyone have an estimate how much it may cost? Or if you have any other ideas, I would be very happy to hear them. Thanks!

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I have no idea what your problem could be, the Uncharted games always ran fine on my fat PS3. It died once and I sent it to and they fixed it up really well and charged a lot less than Sony. I have since gotten a PS3 Slim so I don't really know how their service is these days but about two years ago it was really good.

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I had this issue with Uncharted 3 about a month ago. I just deleted the game data and patches, turned the system off then back on, downloaded the patches again, and then the game worked fine.

I don't think it's a system problem but anyway Sony charges $150 to repair a console.

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I have the exact same problem with Uncharted 2 and 3, as well as LA Noire. Still have not been able to fix the issue, contacted Sony about it, but I'm not paying for the repair, so just gave up trying. All 3 of the disks are in perfect condition, and only ever been played once, LA Noire I didn't even finish.

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I had this problem with Uncharted 2 for a while. I looked up some advice online, and it recommended deleting the game/patch off of the hard drive, but not your actual save files. I did that, re-downloaded the patch, and it could finally get past the first loading screen (the spinning dagger) and then it played fine.

This was a while ago. Haven't had a problem since, but it was scary. The disk was in perfect condition and Uncharted 2 is just about my favourite game so not being able to play it was a real bummer. Hope you can work it out.

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