PS2 to PS3 controller adapters, how well do they work? Good ones?

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#1 Posted by MrOldboy (1048 posts) -

I recently traded in my DS3 controllers and ordered a fresh one of amazon. But the reason I traded them in was that the buttons, mainly the X button was sticky. This is mainly due to me playing a lot of The Show, where the X button is used for about everything.

I have several PS2 controllers and want to know how the PS2 to PS3 adapters work. They seem cheap and I would love to use my current PS2 controllers than go out and get another controller.

I'v ha some trouble finding out exactly how the compatibility is on them, which ones are good and such. Anyone use one and can recommend one to buy, preferably off amazon or somewhere else cheap?

I also read that a lot of them dont work anymore due to Sony blocking them in an update.

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#2 Posted by SamStrife (1330 posts) -

I looked into these and the answer I came out with was a resounding "No they are not any good." Firstly, it's hit or miss whether the PS3 will detect them and even if they do they don't always work properly. Any sixaxis functionality is obviously a no go and with there being no PS button getting back into the XMB would be a thing of the past.

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#3 Posted by underworld (47 posts) - sells one thats vouched by a lot of top players in the FGC.

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#4 Posted by Pink_o_mat (224 posts) -

It's hit or miss. Some games work fine, other games don't work at all. Especially the analog R / L buttons are a problem.

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#5 Posted by MrOldboy (1048 posts) -

I am willing to work with the issues they have, no analog R2/L2, no sixaxis, weird PS button function or none at all.

I just want something that works, with no lag, to play games where I would give the controller a pounding. As in MLB 12, I hit the X button constantly. I dont want to ruin another dualshock 3 by playing games like this. I'd rather do it on something cheap and the cheapest option for me would to use one of my 4 ps2 controllers.

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