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Hey, I am interested in picking up a PS3 but there are multiple bundles to choose from at the stores in my area.

I like the look of the white 500gb with a year of ps plus for 299, but there is a black 250gb with infamous collection and uncharted collection for 229.

The second is the better deal right? Is the 500gb extremely necessary?

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They're different models, aren't they? 500gb is the new super slim. I just bought an old slim after hearing bad things about the noise from the new model's disc drive. I don't know how true that is, though...

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#3 Posted by VierasTalo (1402 posts) -

If you're getting PS+ you'll need all the space you can have.

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Just got the white bundle over the weekend and have started downloading a TON from PlayStation+. Haven't popped a disc in yet to see how noisy it is, but it's the top-loading model. Pretty good deal overall. Infamous 2 is free with PS+, in case you were curious.

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If you are getting PS+, yes the large HDD capacity is needed. However, the PS3 accepts any standard laptop drive, so if you get a model with a small HDD you can buy one and swap it in there. Its easy.

Personally I would get the white bundle. That will give you a huge library to start with and a large HDD. Then you can move onto new release games like Bioshock and Last of Us. Those older game collections will continue to get cheaper, unless you want to play them now, you can wait. However, if your download speeds are not good maybe reconsider since the file sizes are gigantic and PS3 download speeds crap if you have to go over wifi.

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