PS3 seems to access the disc a LOT, am I missing something?

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I've only really noticed it when playing Splinter Cell Blacklist, and now Beyond:Two Souls, but there are times when it feels like the PS3 is accessing the blu-ray a LOT more than it did for some older games like infamous, or the first two Uncharted games.

I'm coming from a primarily 360 background where I studiously installed everything to the hard drive before playing. I know both Blacklist and Two Souls went through some sort of install process, but I'm wondering: Did I miss some sort of minimal vs. full install option either for those games, or buried somewhere in the system settings? that just the way it is with the PS3, where games will do a minimal install, and then are designed to stream in as much as possible off of the disc?

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I don't think many games, if any, have a full install option like the 360 - which just images the disc on the hard drive. Also the blu ray player is pretty slow so will have to stream a lot.

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