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quick question. im using my psn plus subscription trial wiseley. i got it almost a month ago, just waiting for the right time to activate.. waiting for good full game trial to be avalible and now i think it is time to activate.

question: the full game trial counts only if i start the game from xbl right? cause i am planning to download it and go somewhere. i hoping it wont count the time as its being installed on our system. i can download it and forget it and the time trial wont count right?

take a shiet then find some snack in case anyone wants to know. so is the full game trial time counts only if it is being played? or just for being installed on our system?

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I doubt that the download time actually counts. If that were the case, I would feel sorry for someone with a shoddy internet connection.

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oh nevermind. i actually press x and do as if im doing it for real. it pop up saying the time will count when it is start on xbl. once start the time cannot be stopped even if quit. yeah so im all good. oh yeah gonna be a great friday! happy friday.

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Wait so are you talking aboit psn plus or xbox live?

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@Theworldbreaker said:

Wait so are you talking aboit psn plus or xbox live?

PSN Plus. XMB is PS3's dashboard.

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oopz. yeah haha. xmb not xbl.

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