Should I buy mortal kombat or mass effect 2? controller Q also

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#1 Posted by charliesheen22 (120 posts) -

I've been debating whether to buy mortal kombat or mass effect 2 for some time now. I really don't feel like buying 2 games at that price, i'd rather just focus my attention on one. I played mass effect 1 when I had an xbox before it decided to commit suicide,, and I loved it. I've wanted mass effect 2 ever since they released it, and a ps3 port was the greatest thing i had ever heard, but it's current price point had me waiting off the purchase. Mortal Kombat, however, seems like the type of senslessly wonderful and awesome game everyone should have. I love fighting games, and mortal kombat games. I don't feel like buying both games, so I'm trying to decide between both. any input is appreciated. 
As for the controller question, I have 2 sixaxis controllers (save your judgement, I've had them since launch and I didn't feel like buying dualshock 3 when I had perfectly good controllers already), and they're both just crapping out. On one of them, the left analog stick just does not work well, it is not smooth anymore and makes me sad. On the other, I had an incident in a COD match, the controller became broken, I reassembled it, and now the R2 button is very soft, almost as if the spring in it is no good anymore. Now, these may not seem like crippling things, but they're also excuses for me to upgrade to Dualshock 3 controllers, so if anyone knows of the place I can get cheapest (sony brand is preferred, unless you know of something better) Dualshock 3, whoever leads me to such a place will have my undying gratitude. 
Thanks in advance to anyone who replies to this overly lengthy post.

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#2 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) - is probably your best bet for Dualshock 3s for cheap.  Usually can pick one up around 40 or 45.  I would personally get Mortal Kombat.  It's such fun and if you like playing online it will probably last you a lot longer then ME2.

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if you're not going to get hardcore into the competitive aspect of Mortal Kombat, then get Mass Effect 2.

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I bought Mass Effect 2 for $10 new on Amazon for 360, so... it's crazy to me that the PS3 version is $40, but I understand that it came to PS3 later and everything. I'd suggest MK, but I've always been a huge MK fan, so maybe I'm not the best person to ask. Still, I think the new Mortal Kombat is the best one ever made.

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If you enjoy multiplayer, buy MK. But you seem to have liked ME 1 so I strongly encourage you to buy ME 2. It takes ME 1 and turns it up to 11

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#6 Posted by charliesheen22 (120 posts) -

at amazon's prices, I was able to get both of them, and get ME2 used :D. I wanted to get MK new because I don't want to have to pay for an online pass. yay amazon!

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To be honest, both games are great.
Mass Effect 2 really sucked me in with the story and dialogue.  I did not play much of the original Mass Effect.  On the other hand, I'm not a huge fighter fan, but I really enjoyed Mortal Kombat.  The story mode was really well done, and I find myself going back to play so I can continue to unlock things in the krypt.
You really can't go wrong with either choice.

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