Updating to 4.25 suddenly broke my BD drive. Any tips?

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I was about to turn in for the night, so I stopped playing Ratchet & Clank: ACIT. Got a little pop-up that said "Hey! You must update!" I updated to 4.25, and wasn't tired any more, so I decided to play a little more. Oh shit! My disc isn't reading. Neither are any of my other discs. BDs, DVDs, and CDs all don't work. My PS3 isn't even spinning DVDs and CDs up. BDs spin a little, then it coughs them out and sucks them back in, before giving up and giving me no indication that my shit is wrecked.

Any ideas? I don't want Borderlands 2 to end up sitting on my shelf for a month while I save for a new console. :(

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Call PlayStation customer support?

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That hapened to me a couple of years ago with an update, Sony will pretty much deny its their fault and ask you to pay £100ish for a repair, you are best just buying a new machine if you have the cash.

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@Bell_End: Lovely show! And yes. :(

: No, but I expect to hear what everyone else has reported after their drives broke during a firmware update, "It's a hardware issue, give us $149 and we'll repair it," which I'd imagine will take untold amounts of time. If it comes down to that, I'd rather spend the extra $100 and get a new one immediately. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that, though. I will call later today when I'm on break from classes, though.

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My PS3 was freezing like balls over and over again, even while literally doing nothing while in the XMB. Then I tried out this guide and it stopped. Give it a look, it's helpful. Hopefully it can fix your issue.

I can't create links so here


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@N7: Not sure which of those options to try. Last time I restored my file system, I lost all my folders and metadata on my files, which is only supposed to happen when you "rebuild database." I've got way too much stuff on there now to risk it again. I wish there was an option to make the PS3 do a nice fat fan blast and clean the lens (assuming that's the problem.)

But I don't think that would help either. I'm happy to report that my PS3 will read DVDs again! Progress? I'll just leave the thing off for the day and come back later after doing some prayers.

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Awesome. A cool dood on GameFAQs gave me a suggestion I'd never have tried, which fixed the problem: Reboot in safe mode and reapply the firmware update from a flash drive. http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/927750-playstation-3/64020375. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions anyway, I'm glad GB has lots of helpful people, rather than the kind that will reply saying "Weird, no problems here. Is your disc dirty?" Thanks all! :) Edit: trying to make the formatting not suck with my iPad is pretty much impossible. Ah, well.

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