What's the Best Way to Stream PS3 Currently?

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I know there's the HD-PVR, Elgato and some new Roxio thing out, but most info seems mixed. Sony are jerks so PS3 is harder to stream HD content (or something like that?) so I'm not sure what to go with. If there's an upcoming product you think will be good then I'll wait for it, it's not a must-have right now as I'm mostly busy anyway. My goal is just to stream for now on Twitch.TV, but perhaps capture in the future when I get an external HDD and more money.

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HD-PVR is the best way. Plus you have to download a Live Stream Program from the internet. The problem with this is that most of that stuff only supports PC gameplay and doesn't recognize the PS3. I've talked to many people and somehow they get it to work. I have no idea. I say browse the users on Twitch and ask their own setup and everything. You definitely need a good computer and a good graphics card as well I believe. I gave up though on that quest. Good luck to you though.

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