Would anyone from the UK like a 30 day PSPLUS trial?

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#1 Posted by joeasis (112 posts) -

Mhmm? :)

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#2 Posted by Optix12 (683 posts) -

I did not know these were region locked. If i used the playstation (or turned it on within the last couple months) more often i would take up the offer.

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#3 Posted by TBird13 (110 posts) -

Yeah, that'd be awesome if you still have it! Private message me if you still want to give it away?

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#4 Posted by 49th (3640 posts) -

I have a question... does this code add time if I already have PS+?

Don't send me the code though, I'm just curious.

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#5 Posted by Dixavd (2614 posts) -

I've never tried Playstation Plus, I remember hearing that the European one was much worse than the US one - does anyone know if that's true?

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#6 Posted by joeasis (112 posts) -

@Optix12: Yeah. They are. Not sure why. Possibly down to payments, etc.

@TBird13: Okay :)

@49th: Ooo, I'm not sure. I don't think so.

@Dixavd: Erm... I don't have any issue with it. I don't think it's worse. It's on par, if not better on occasion.

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#7 Edited by BlackLagoon (1975 posts) -

@Dixavd: That was always hyperbole - EU Plus used to get less than the US over all, but was still a good deal. Since they launched the Instant Game Collection concept though, it's been the opposite, with EU getting more big retail games (though personally I'd rather have gotten some of PSN games the US got).

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#8 Posted by Dixavd (2614 posts) -

@BlackLagoon: @Joeasis: Well that's good - if I end up getting more free time to know I will be playing my PS3 enough to want more than the occasional game every month then I'll check out PS Plus.

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