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    PlayStation 3

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    Apart from being a real console, the PlayStation 3 has also appeared as an in-game object in various games

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    • Metal Gear Solid 4: In the Nomad during the mission briefings, head upstairs with the Mk.2 or Mk.3 and on the table you will see a PS3.
    • LittleBigPlanet: In your pod, there is a PlayStation 3 controller that you use to pick a level. Users have also created their own PlayStation 3's and have posted them to their levels.
    • The Last of Us *SPOILERS*: The first PlayStation 3 that can be found is during the Hometown Prologue in the downstairs living room of Joel's house, below the Television. The second PlayStation 3 is found during the University level. It can be found on book shelf on the other side of the room where Joel jumps down from (the area contains clickers and 1 bloater). The third and possibly final location of a PlayStation 3 is found when Ellie is escaping the Lakeside Resort. The PS3 can be found on a store shelf in the Lakeside store.

    Details on the actual PlayStation 3 console can be found on its platform page.

    Note: When adding games to this page please ensure the PlayStation 3 is represented in-game, and is not just a game released on the console.


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