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Just a heads up to those who pre-ordered the Watch Dogs PS4 bundle. You should be getting a $10 credit towards a select few PS4 titles with those titles being Killzone, Battlefield, Knack, Madden, FIFA, NBA2k14 and Call of Duty Ghosts. I personally think this is super awesome of Amazon to do. Now I get a $10 cheaper Battlefield 4. :) What do you guys plan to put your credits on?

Here is the e-mail I got:

To make up for the inconvenience of changing your PlayStation 4 Watch Dogs Bundle pre-order to a PlayStation 4 Launch Edition, we've added a $10 promotional credit to your account.

This promotional credit is redeemable for Battlefield 4, Madden NFL 25, and FIFA 14, as well as other select PlayStation 4 games when shipped and sold by To see all qualifying items, click on the "here" link above.

Your available promotional balance will be automatically deducted from your next eligible purchase. The promotion is valid for a limited time only. Amazon reserves the right to cancel it at any time. Offer may be redeemed once per customer. If you do not pre-order the qualifying item when the promotion is in effect, or you cancel your pre-order, the promotion will not apply. Offer expires on 11/22/2013. The promotion applies only to items sold and shipped by Shipping and handling charges apply to all products.

Thank you for pre-ordering with

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I'll have to keep an eye out in my email for this. Probably put it towards AC4 as that seems to be my launch title now with Watch_Dogs being pushed back.

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@aviar: Sorry, but it doesn't look like AC4 is apart of the list. The games you can put the credit towards are Killzone, Battlefield, Knack, Madden, FIFA, NBA2k14 and Call of Duty Ghosts.

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That sucks! Well probably FIFA then I guess.

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