Any reason to get the Camera without the Move?

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#1 Posted by sarahsdad (1320 posts) -

The subject line pretty much says it all. Does anyone know if there's any obvious reason to get the PS4 camera without also having a move controller?

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#2 Posted by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

If you wanna do any of that Skype stuff, or do that livestream thing where you put your picture of your face while you're playing in the corner.

Aside from the video call and streaming stuff i dont know of any reason to get one if you're not gonna get a Move.

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#3 Posted by jsnyder82 (851 posts) -

I don't know. I don't know too much about this new camera. It might have features similar to Kinect, so maybe you won't need the move controller. But yeah, I wish I knew more about it.

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If/when there's a new Little Big Planet game you can probably use it in the level creation.

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#5 Posted by Damodar (1985 posts) -

Well the camera will be able to track the light bar on the new controller, so you'll probably be able to get some of that move functionality with just the new DualShock anyway

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You can probably come up with a few ways to use it, though your mileage may vary in working out how useful they are. I never bought into the Move, but I was interested in playing games like Echochrome 2 and the PS3 version of No More Heroes. I couldn't care less about video chat, and I already have a webcam on my PC that I never use. I'm not really that confident I'll do anything with the streaming features in the long run either.

So yeah, depends on your circumstances, but my only motivation for buying the camera would be if a game I wanted to play mandated it.

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#7 Posted by Lord_Xp (648 posts) -

I'm holding out on the camera until I see more features it can do that aren't generic and been done before.

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#8 Posted by Blastroid (289 posts) -

The NSA will use it for you.

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#9 Posted by StrainedEyes (1365 posts) -

The controllers have move style lights built in, so there will be some functions/games that use it.

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#10 Posted by MrOldboy (1048 posts) -

Have they even come out and given hard details on the camera? Its strange how little focus it got at E3.

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I'm not worried about the camera stuff this year, honestly. I've already paid for Watchdogs, BF4, Killzone, and Knack on PS4. I'm not really concerned with motion gaming at all.

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