Anyone having issues with the ps4 record button?

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So I've been noticing that some footage from my games have not been saving and I'm not sure why. This is especially apparent when I try the shortcut share button. It says that if you double tap the share button it is supposed to start a brand new clip, however just testing this it seems to stop the video entirely. Curious if anyone else is having these issues.

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I have mine set this way: Press share button once to take screenshot. Double tap it to begin recording. Hold to bring up share menu as well as saving the last 15 minutes of gameplay. I'm still not sure if that's how it works when it comes to saving past 15 minutes. But I think you can only save past 15 minutes if you bring up the share menu by holding the button. Otherwise you're just beginning a recording from when you double tap or single press depending on which control scheme you use.

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I had an issue where none of my recordings were being saved on the system. Switching the console on and off seemed to fix the problem though.

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I have an issue that it can only be shared on Facebook.

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I've been holding for screenshots and it tends to work. Had it glitchy a couple times, and problems if there was loading at some point. Guess it's not perfect quite yet.

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Ive had an issue twice now i believe were i would get something nice to show to my friends and when i hit the share button it skips my most recent game and goes back about two games and records, and if i hit share again it only gives me the a recording from the point were i previously hit the share button. Its starting to get really annoying.

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I had finished the horrendously awful sequence in Killzone where you're falling/gliding through the crumbling city and tried to share the previous 15 minutes. When I went to edit the video I noticed the recording was for a 15 minute span of the game that happened at least an hour ago. The thumbnail for the video was correctly showing the screen I was looking at when I tapped the share button but the video was completely off. I don't think I did anything wrong. Hopefully this gets resolved.

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I have the same issue as #8. Any news on what kind of issue this is. Definitely a bit disappointing...Killzone crashed too and i lost some progress, sigh...

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