Can not log in to Facebook in PS4 settings. Help duders!

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Hey guys so when I first set up my PS4 I was able to log in to my facebook account. Since then I changed my FB Password and the PS4 didn't like that because now it won't let me post to facebook. There is no option on the PS4 to change to your new FB. When I go to Settings on the PS4, then PSN and then Link with other services option. I click on the facebook option. I can enter my email and password but the option to log in underneath that is grayed out. I can not find anyone else with this issue.

Any ideas?

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I'm afraid that this is just going to be the first round initiative of facebook dumbing down their "service" on the Sony platforms now that they are competitors in the VR business. *grabs tinfoil hat and runs away*

Sorry. I have no idea.

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Sad day...

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@rudyarr: Try unlinking your Facebook and link it again.

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When I first set up my account I did not want Facebook linked to my account. Now that I want to link it, it will not let me. I went to settings, PSN but there is no Link to Other anything. There is no Link to at all. I have sign out, account info, activate as primary, restore & privacy. Is this something that cannot be done because my account is the primary account on here? Thanks for any info you can supply.

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