Can't play downloaded game.

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I downloaded Contrast and Resogun, and when I click on them to play them this prompt comes up

"Cannot start the application. The PS4 is not connected to the internet and cannot verify the license for the application"

But my PS4 IS connected to the internet.

I restarted the system and then was able to play Resogun, but the same thing happened when I tried to start Contrast.

I turned off my PS4, but haven't checked yet to see if that fixes it. But even if it does, what is causing it?


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#2 Posted by SoHereWeAre (44 posts) -

Did you activate your PS4 with your PSN ID?

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Yes I did. I was able to play Resogun after I restarted my PS4, but now Resogun and Contrast have "Lock" icon on them, and won't let me play them.


Just went on the PS4 forums and some others are having the same problem. Speculation that it is a PSN problem.

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#4 Posted by JJBSterling (543 posts) -

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with this issue. Hopefully it's a server problem that will get sorted out and I didn't mess something up...

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Just checked it again. Still doesn't work. Very strange considering I can sign in to PSN.

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I had a license issue as well, and was able to fix it by going to Settings -> PSN -> Reactivate Licenses.

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Thank you. That seems to be working, though I had to do it twice. I turned off the PS4 after reactivating the second time.

I turned it off after checking (and being able to play) both of my downloaded games. I will check again later to see if it still works.

The "What's New" section still doesn't show anything. I assumed both problems were related, but apparently not.

Thanks again.

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I was having this issue all night and solved it today morning. Similar to what Melgin said I had to go into PSN settings but instead I had to re-activate PS4 as my 'Primary PS4'. This seems to work for me so far, maybe something didn't link right on the first day even though it downloaded my games. Just in case the other method doesn't work, I thought I'd put this on here too if it helps someone out!

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#9 Posted by killer_meatballs (532 posts) -


I reactivated my PS4 as my Primary PS4 also. I did this before reactivating the licenses for the second time just for the heck of it. So, not sure which one did it, but I was advise doing both!

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