Dad (or Mom) Games for PS4 ?

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Any tips on good games to play while the kid is playing in the same room ?

I have a soon to be two year old, who starts to understand what's going on the screen, so all the violent games are out, which means like 80% of my library and all thats left are some abstract indie games, both OllieOllie games, and sports games. Tropico 5 and Farming Simulator 2015 might be the best choices from my library, DriveClub is ok too, but takes waaayy too much concentration, when you will get interrupted very often :)

Just played the demo of Dragon Quest Builders, which has bit of animated violence, but very little and mostly about building, so that might be on the top of the list too.

Any other good non-violent games on PS4 ?

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Not being a parent I don't have ideas from experience but I would think Rocket League would be a perfect option. If any sports interest you, that would always be a safe option as well I would think.

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Don't know if you're into rhythm games, but I really dug the most recent Amplitude reboot.

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@maxszy: Only problem with Rocket League is my own fear of being matched with too good players at this point? Me being the only crappy player and making it 2 v 3 :D

@jdizzlefoshizzle: Never played the original amplitude, but the quick look of the new one looked fun. I'll keep my eye on it during holiday sales.

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#6 Posted by JJWeatherman (14928 posts) -

Stardew Valley is coming out on consoles very soon! That game's great. Very kid friendly. Pretty laid back and easy to pause whenever you need to if anything comes up.

Just browse the digital stores and look for stuff that seems family safe. You did kinda just miss all of the sales though.

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#7 Posted by RupertTheBear (276 posts) -

Are you trying to avoid any violence and combat in general such as hitting someone until they disappear in smoke / faint or avoiding games that are bloody and gruesome?

Any who i probably would recommend some double fine games such as Broken Age, Costume Quest or Psychonauts.

Rayman Legends maybe a simplistic platform game but have some fun rhythm elements on some certain levels

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#8 Posted by DharmaBum (1703 posts) -
Viva Pinata
Viva Pinata

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#9 Posted by Maxszy (2155 posts) -

@maxx2029 said:

@maxszy: Only problem with Rocket League is my own fear of being matched with too good players at this point? Me being the only crappy player and making it 2 v 3 :D

I understand that feeling, as I always hate be the worst on a team too. That being said, I don't think you would run into that too much. At least not right away. The initial match making is pretty good and I think you would be able to play without feeling like you don't count :-P

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#10 Posted by Maxx2029 (82 posts) -

@dharmabum: Viva Pinata is an Awesome left field choice (as it's not PS4 game :D), but I do have my XBox360 hooked up too. It does have bit of killing and love making, but mostly cute and cuddly Pinatas. I think I might have to re-buy this one.

@rupertthebear: Yeah, the violence thing is bit of moving goalpost :) generally I tend to avoid games where the main thing is violence (or doing bad things to others) or if the bad things are rare but gruesome. Rayman games I would play while my son is watching, though I have completed both Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends. Good suggestion though. Broken Age I definitely should play, I'll add that to the list.

@jjweatherman:EU store seems to have sales all the time :D Actually the sales were the thing that spurred this on, I looked what games I might get and the list was like Star Wars Battlefront, Just Cause 3, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (have played it, but never finished and it is so cheap in sales), Assassin's Creed: Syndicate and so on, only to realize I would have to play these at night (which I rather use for sleeping :) ).

Just bought Stardew Valley on steam few weeks ago, but man, seeing it coming to PS4 on 14th, might make me double dip, such a cool game and really makes me wanna support the guy developing it.

@maxszy: Thanks for the confidence :) I'll try it out.

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#11 Posted by BFZ (62 posts) -

This may seem like an odd choice, but... Hitman.

My 18th month old mostly still loves his physical toys more, but will definitely notice the screen.

Hitman is a lot of walking (or sprinting) around through mostly static crowds of people. Occasionally you need to choke someone out and I've actually made it a meta game of sorts.

"Oh man I need this disguise this dudes wearing, is my kid watching? No? SUBDUE!!"

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#12 Posted by LostOddity (56 posts) -

Obviously sports games and driving games would be good if that is your thing.

The Witness.

Hitman go and Tomb Raider go - puzzle games in general are probably safe.

Nom Nom Galixy has some violence but it is all cartoonish enough that you would be fine i think.

The Swapper was kinda dark but it didnt have any real violence that i recall.

Fez if you havent played it yet.

Also if you are feeling like you are not doing well in Rocket League try focusing on just knocking the other team around. Its not as fun as scoring but disrupting the other team is still useful

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#13 Posted by CujoPrime (42 posts) -

I remember when my daugter was around that age, I started playing more 2d fighters. Maybe not Guilty Gear type stuff, but my daughter liked watching BlazBlue a lot. I think she liked that they were fast and flashy and she liked see all the different characters. Ultimate Marvel v. Capcom 3 just showed up on PS4. It's violence is very cartoony and their is a lot of flash to it.

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#14 Posted by Maxx2029 (82 posts) -

@bfz: :D I was thinking about this one too, just from the same point of view, that there isn't actually lot of killing in Hitman if you do it right :) then again I probably wouldn't do it right and would be in gunfights all the time. Another thing that bit worries me about Hitman is that I think the missions are quite long. But I'll have to get this one at some point, if for nothing else that to support IO Interactive for going back to basics on Hitman and hitting it out of the park.

@lostoddity:The Witness is a good one, I was so close on buying it when it last on sale in EU store, but 35euros (about the same in dollars) was still bit too much. But definitely something I have to get when it goes on sale again.

I have the Go games on my phone, they are good, but especially the hitman one gets hard.. Fez I have played little on XBox360, somehow I felt part of the game was the buzz to collectively find the secrets. But maybe I should start over on PS4 and just enjoy the game. Swapper is a cool game (and made by a team from my home country Finland), but the atmosphere is just soooo creepy I can never play it long enough to get hooked by the game.

And thanks for the Rocket League tip :D

@cujoprime: My brain doesn't do fighting games :D I mean love the concept (although I'm mostly into single player stuff), I have owned several of them at some point, but beyond mashing buttons and mashing combos and specials I know, my brain doesn't seem to get grasp of them. I just can't get the hang of what to do when opponent does move X and so on. Shame really..

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#15 Posted by TooSweet (506 posts) -

My dad is an old school arcade guy. I downloaded Pac-Man and going to pick up Ms. Pac-Man for when he comes to visit. Will be looking at a few more games so he can play once in a while. The dude is great at Zuma on his computer.

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