Has anyone else cooled on the PS4 since last night?

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I watched the live stream and some of the technology was really awesome. Having a rewind function for video and all this interactivity with friends via this video stuff was really impressive. I was psyched.

This morning I woke up and remembered that I don't have much to do with other people on my consoles. I know a few people who have them but I don't think my level of social interaction on the system is going to go up from nearly nothing to anything more than nearly nothing.

So basically, everything awesome sounding about this system is kind of going to be irrelevant to me. The new fancy graphics and power will be great but I have a PC for that. All the games that looked worth playing weren't exclusive either! The only thing that I still care about with it is suspending games into ram when I power it down. Plus the price will probably be enormous....

Anyone else got this same feeling? Trepidation? (agree with me please?)

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I'm not going to buy a Vita. That's all that is set in stone.

As for the meeting and presentations; I thought they were way above average. This is something we usually get served at E3, but I believe Sony deserves some credit for putting this together. Now. We wait.

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^^ See that is why those face demos are utter bullshit. It is not difficult to make a face look good when it's the only thing on screen.

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That first picture is completely unfair, it looked way better than that. Not that face demos are bullshit anyway.

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If one gets excited from watching stage presentations then I can't imagine what would happen when they would go shopping for a car....

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@extomar: Nobody have fun. Nobody smile. Nobody feel anything. Be. Cool. Be. Like. EXTomar.

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Oh I'm not saying that but it seems naive of people to watch this stuff not through the lens "They want to sell you something". Waking up the next day realizing that is kind of "duh" realization where formulating a post about it is...amusing.

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@theodacourt: Microsoft is likely shooting for the same sort of feature-set, but aimed at more casual audiences. Sounds like you should just stick with PC.

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@extomar: People watch those stage presentations wanting to be amazed, so yeah, the bar it set a little low - but I thought the audience did well in not applauding the crap parts, and were rather reluctant to clap for the obvious CGI stuff. Its about the mindset going in versus the calm of sitting at home being able to look up archives of faces to make the comparisons and say; hey that's not a huge improvement!

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No I'm still day one-ish, I mean it looks like they have a ton of fun ass games and are ready to really hit the ground running this time.

EDIT: Oh, and as a PC gamer for most of this console generation, I'm concerned, and I know this will change cause it's in my blood at this point, but upgrading to faster pc hardware for doing stuff other than games (web, video, music, file management, multitasking) has ceased to be a concern with recent (4+ core, 3+ghz cpu, 4-8gb ddr3 ram) machines, so I see myself possibly getting sucked into the consoles again for a more tailored experience. I might upgrade soon PC-wise, then start saving for a PS4 to have a foot in both worlds.

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Finally Clean Faces, no more skyrim mods
Finally Clean Faces, no more skyrim mods

Saw this posted on Reddit. The PS4 tech demo is a picture taken off of a 480p resolution stream without the light source being shun onto the face (which is one of the reasons why the bottom nVidia tech demo screenshot is so impressive). Basically... OP was a fanboy trolling for upvotes.

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Nope. I'm still hype as shit until I have a reason not to be. In all honestly, the only thing I can think of that would make me second guess a purchase would be the price. I've become a huge PC gamer over the past few years, but there is and will still be experiences and games (Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, son!) you can only have on consoles and until that changes, the level of hype my soul contains will never diminish. #sohype

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Complete opposite. I'm more psyched than ever. Day One for sure.

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While I thoroughly enjoyed the presser, I'm going to wait and see what Microsoft does before drawing any conclusions.

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My thoughts were basically this: the games looked cool. They didn't blow me away, I don't "have to have them", but I could see myself picking them up at some point.

The tech sounded impressive, but also really expensive, and I don't plan on picking up any consoles in the future for more than $300, so I'll probably be waiting a while.

I thought the infrastructure with sharing and social networks and PS Cloud sounded amazing... at first. I imagined @DuskVamp and I playing through the next Walking Dead together, sharing a screen and talking over headsets. Then I remembered that that is the only instance where I'd use that stuff, and we likely won't BOTH get a PS4, and we'll probably be living together when we do, anyway. I imagined finally being able to digitize my entire Playstation 1-3 catalog, and have them all saved to "the Cloud". Then I realized that, in actuality, I wouldn't be able to play those games as easily or as clearly, as streaming technology has plenty of faults, especially for gaming and I wouldn't "own" those games in the same sense as if I had them saved to a Hard Drive or on a disc.

So, while I was moderately impressed with the games and the tech, I thought the social stuff and infrastructure sounded amazing, but like something I'll never functionally use (aside from playing a game as it's downloading).

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I'm more excited to see that games are going to be able to finally move forward again in technological innovations. The consoles have been holding us back for such a long time. Maybe now we can start seeing things like bigger worlds, more advanced AI, more interactive objects in a scene, etc.

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Hey, as long as I get to play The Witness, I'm pretty much cool.

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I've never an early adopter because 1) My income is limited and I can't justify paying top dollar on day 1 , 2) I am fine with my PS3 for now and a huge library of games that will be seeing price drops, and 3) I don't like to pay to beta test first generation hardware.

That being said, I was very impressed last night. The machine appears to be beastly and I appreciate Sony coming out with guns blazing.

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I went back and watched a bunch of the trailers in 1080p this morning. I really liked what they showed of Watch_Dogs on the stream, and I'm really looking forward to it. That said I think that trailer and the Killzone trailer has problems. If you go back and watch them the DOF is really cloudy, and doesn't look right. That said I'm glad to see a push for more DOF, but they're at Sleeping Dogs levels of DOF in a lot of this stuff and as much as I loved Sleeping Dogs(which I did) I would have really appreciated if they had cleaned that up. The Killzone trailer was way more egregious of this cloudy DOF than any of the other trailers.

All of this said I'm not down on this announcement at all, I just want to point out at least in that area developers have room for improvement. Games like Hitman Absolution actually does DOF better than any of the games shown off so there is hope. I think Sony knocked it out of the park and while I'm not getting one, I'm really glad they went with X-86 as it means more ports for me and an easier development environment with the PS4.

PS The most exciting thing showcased at this presser was the Capcom thing. Hardware ain't shit if the engines aren't up to snuff, and that Capcom engine looks up to snuff.

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I think they showed off a number of things that make the PS4 stand out from the current gen yet the games failed to impress. Killzone looked nice but lacked anything we haven't seen before while deep down looked the most technically impressive but I doubt any of it was real.

Essentially I want to wait to till Microsoft show off Durango, compare launch titles, price and when they are launched.

Bring on E3 and all the hands on demo's that will have to sell the next gen.

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Fuck no. If they can deliver on what they are promising, this system could be revolutionary.

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I think it's cool that next-gen is finally being officially kicked off and it's coming this year. We can talk more about it when Durango is reveled and we know prices and release dates. So after E3 basically.

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@sooty said:

^^ See that is why those face demos are utter bullshit. It is not difficult to make a face look good when it's the only thing on screen.

There's a post on reddit (in the comments section) with screen caps of the actual face they showed.

It looked far better than that pic.

Here: http://imgur.com/a/yZUzw


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I'm with you on the social features -- I'm not much of a buddy gamer myself. It's cool, but not a selling point. If the rumors of a new pay-for service play out, I'm assuming all that stuff will be walled off.

I am less excited about the hundreds of dollars of digital content I purchased on PSN being incompatible with the new hardware. I understand the disc issue, but for some reason I feel like digital content should be treated differently. Whether or not that's reasonable doesn't matter; it just feels kind of shitty. Sure, I still have my PS3, but it's kinda on its last legs. Do I buy another PS3 to take advantage of what I already own, or do I save up for a PS4 and abandon an ecosystem I've invested heavily in over the past seven years?

The solution of the Cloud is questionable, too, because the quality of Cloud services is entirely dependent on a third-party service provider, and NA is behind on infrastructure and hamstrung by data caps. When you're hanging your compatibility hat on streaming gameplay service in a video stream that keeps hitching and struggling to keep up, you are selling me a future that isn't reflected in my present.

It was a good show for Sony. I think it did what it needed to do. But for me, I'm not sold yet. I'm just intrigued. That's probably good enough for now.

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@extomar: Yeah, it's almost as if sleep and dreams are supposed to consolidate and further interpret information! Weird! I bet science hasn't thought of that before....Get me a Scientist!

Also, I'm still as impressed about the system as I was at first, I just realised how a lot of the things probably won't be useful to me!

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I wasn't high on it to begin with. Smoke and mirrors, promises, etc. We've seen Sony do this before and fail at it. There was no important info given. It was just flash. Not convinced at all.

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Cooling down would require me to have gotten excited in the first place. The video buffer to send clips to the internet was the coolest thing there. Bring on the Xbox vNext!

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No I'm still pretty excited. I mean I don't really understand what people were expecting? It's a better playstation just like PS3 was better than PS2 and PS2 better than PS1. All those systems had their unique issues but there is reason to love each one (and reasons to be disappointed). Yes there will always be pc gaming but for everyone fretting about the future price of the PS4 a comparable gaming pc is going to be more expensive than whatever the PS4 will cost for the foreseeable future. I'm not expecting Sony to perform miracles but I was excited by what they showed and am excited to buy one this holiday.

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@extomar said:

If one gets excited from watching stage presentations then I can't imagine what would happen when they would go shopping for a car....

Fuck you! inFAMOUS says WUSSUP DAWG!!!

I'm just kidding. But seriously. INFAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Nope. Still looks awesome.

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My hype only grows.

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