Has anyone noticed how PS4 handles game downloads?

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Was going back to re-download The Last of Us after getting a real itch for a second play through lately and remembered that the digital version of the game came as a ~150mb installer that unpacked into the 27GB game itself. I haven't seen any definitive confirmation from anyone or anywhere that says whether this is now the PSN standard for digital purchases or if most games still operate on the 10GB installer + 10GB game model that made for some really frustrating situations where having 40GB free just isn't enough to download two games that easily fit into that crunch (in this case, Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite, which I wanted a third play through of now that I have speakers running out of the PS3 rather than just my TV).

I will say that download speeds are officially awesome now, basically the same speed I get from torrents. I think when I first bought Infinite back in the spring it took 3-4 hours to download and another 45 minutes to install, but this time it's only estimating 80 minutes for the game to finish. Thank you PS4 for making the PS3 a better experience!

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Ill let you know after I fill up my week old 1 TB PS4.

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Yeah I bought NBA 2k14 digital and it downloaded fast but holy fucking shit was the install SLOW as molasses.

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@dukest3 said:

Yeah I bought NBA 2k14 digital and it downloaded fast but holy fucking shit was the install SLOW as molasses.

Hey, I do my best

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Lol what

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Even if they do do the 'double install requirement' size, most PS4 download a portion of the full game in the initial installer; the rest of the game is seamlessly installed while playing the game (or even while not playing the game). The way this is handled is on a game-by-game basis, but most initial downloads have been pretty insignificant in size (4-7gigs).

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