HDR for standard PS4?

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I do some 3D graphics on the side and am a bit familiar with HDR and what it is... or at least I thought I did?

A couple questions for the techs out there.

I keep hearing people talk about HDR like it's inherent to the hardware. From my understanding it's a software rendering feature that's been around for awhile and I remember back with HL2 when I had a beefy PC rig I tried out the HDR HL2 demo.

Shouldn't the PS4 and PS4 pro handle HDR just fine with the flip of a switch? As long as as the GFX card is up to the task? I understand that you would probably need a better GFX card for 4k and HDR but HDR is not dependant on 4k.

I also saw someone talk about be careful of your HDMI cable that it supports HDR? This doesn't make sense to me unless they're talking about color depth?

IDK anymore

Are there original PS4 games that support HDR yet?

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HDR got patched into the PS4 and Half Life 2's HDR wasn't the HDR they are referring to now. I believe only 4k sets have HDR though as the TV needs to be able to put out an HDR display which is hardware dependent and as all flagship TV's these days are 4k thats where you'll find this feature.

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It's a different HDR. I believe it is a TV colour depth thing, like you said with the cable.

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Hdr as its exists today is a combination of hardware brightness and color depth. The reason they probably say be careful what hdmi you use is that it currently only exists in 4k televisions and some chords aren't fast enough to run a 4k signal at 60hz? There is also the type of hdcp copy protection that not all hdmi (and tvs) share

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