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I've decided to rewrite this post as I realized I was WAY too verbose before and it's likely that no one was reading it. Besides, it's a simple question, really.

I've decided to try a sports game this year and since FIFA is the only one with a demo, I tried it out. My problem is that the demo drops you into a game with no tutorial or anything. I had a lot of trouble keeping track of who I was in control of and switching to the guy I wanted. I don't know soccer terminology or rules.

$60 is a lot of money, I mainly want to know if FIFA or other sports games have decent tutorials or difficulty settings for those with NO sports knowledge/experience. The demo didn't offer these and if they aren't present in the full game I know I'd never be able to play it.

Suggestions as to whether a non-sports fan could really get into these games? Are they worth the money? Mainly this or NBA 2k14, which is better?

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While there might be a lot to take in for a new player just starting out, the new fifa's have a bunch of skill challenges that run you through all sorts of gameplay concepts like shooting, passing, player movement, etc... However while there are a ton of different challenges you might still have to check the controls list first as the tutorials aren't as comprehensive as you'd like for a first timer as they pretty much assume if you're playing fifa you also know the rules of soccer.

I've been playing fifa since the late 90's so it hard for me to really know if this is enough to train someone who doesn't know the rules of soccer or how fifa plays.

The last NBA 2k I owned was 11 and that was a bit complicated for me since I don't really understand the more granular intricacies of basketball and only really understand it at its basic level. As a result of my basketball ignorance, I felt like the game was too complicated and lost interest.

Hope that's helpful R3belD0gg.

If you end up getting fifa (or just wanna play some online games) my psn is gugagomes7, I can offer some friendly training.

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@gugagomes7: Thanks. I'll add you when I get a chance. My PS4 has been cold for a while as I'm 40+ hours into Ni No Kuni and I'm not sure if I'm even half way through lol. I decided to get a set of A50s last night so I kinda can't spend the $ on FIFA right now. I think I'm leaning that way, though. It just seems more fun than basketball. Or maybe it's because there are no embarrassing childhood memories of soccer... lol. Anyway, I'll probably get it at some point soon. Trying to kill off some PS3/360 backlog before Second Son.

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