How can I find my digital games?

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I have many playstation plus games that I activated on my account despite not owning a PS4, but I will have one at the end of the week but I don't remember what I own. This includes games that I might own by crossbuy. How can I find games I own on my PS4 easily?

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Visit your local library. You can either scroll to the far right on the main menu and reach your Library from there, or go into the store and there will be an option near the bottom.

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@zeik: Even though they were made well before I got my PS4? Great. Thanks.

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It's also worth noting that any DLC or add-ons are also found in the same spot.

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@demoskinos: I do hope they don't get their own listing. On steam it's hidden under a game. Might get quite crowded if it's listed alongside.

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@alistercat: DLC is listed under the games so there isn't any clutter, but sadly Betas also show up in the library which annoys me a little.

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