How is everyone feeling about the PS4 Pro now

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UPDATE: thanks for all your guys opinions! I decided to bite and get one, especially with the announcement of boost mode!

The other day when I put a disc (physical media right?) into my launch PS4, it simply did not read the disc. I took it out and put it back in with no luck and finally restarted the console and got it working again. While my PS4 has been fine since it made me kind of think about selling my console for a Pro, I got a 4K tv last year and at the time I was certainly interested in the pro but when it launched it seemed like thoughts were lukewarm at best.

This morning I noticed that Gamestop actually has a solid trade in deal, a PS4 and one controller should net me about $200 which isn't bad considering you can purchase a slim usually with a pack in game for $299. My question to people is how do they feel about it now? Have you seen a large enough benefit to warrant a $200 price tag? I don't think my 4K tv had HDR so is the upscale resolution a decent jump forward? Just looking for everyone's current opinions!

Also, another snag for me is I replaced my HDD with a 2TB and am kind of dreading having to re-format it and download all of my games again, is there a better way to do this? I think I have an external drive here somewhere that would at least be able to hold a few of my games if I could transfer them.


How are you feeling towards the PS4 Pro now? Would it be worth it for a $200 price tag?

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I'm curious about what people think of the PS4 Pro after having lived with it a little while as well. I'm getting tired of the tremendous noise coming out of my current PS4 and would like to hear about the noise levels of the Pro.

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I just got my first PS4 which was a slim. Bought it at the after Christmas sale for about half of what the Pro costs so I am happy. I don't see the need for a pro when I play on a 1080p monitor. The slim is very quiet.

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I've still got my PS4 from the day 1 initial release. PS4 is where I play all my games. I do not own a 4K TV and likely won't for a good while yet. PS4"Pro" doesn't even do 1080x60 for all games. It is next to useless for me. If they could guarantee 1080x60 I would be more likely to consider it.

I hope XBox Scorpio actually offers a worthwhile upgrade or this whole idea of mid generation updates is just completely useless to me... Not that I'm going to buy a Scorpio, just nice to have competition. Rattle Sonys confidence a bit, it'll make everyone better.

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Happy it's mediocre so I can feel even more smug about not wasting money.

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Replaced my extremely loud launch unit (replacing thermal paste helped for a few months, then back it was to being loud) with a Pro. It's fine. I'm using it on a 1080p monitor, so most of its benefit is lost on me. I don't notice much of a performance or visual upgrade with what I play. New stuff I don't have a launch unit to compare it to. No reason to upgrade if your current PS4 is working fine. I wanted to give my nephew a PS4, so that was a good opportunity to get rid of the loud old unit.. Hitman loads slightly quicker...

No issues or weird quirks so far. I got it the day it came out.

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It's without a doubt the best PS4 you can currently buy. If you're the kind of person that upgrades their GPU every year, the PS4 Pro is for you.

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I still think it's dumb and that consoles aren't phones but that won't stop them from trying. My ps4 is still working great and even if it did break down I'd just get another regular ps4 or slim, whichever is cheaper.

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I was really close to buying one this month and then I discovered Dolphin, and pcsx2 and decided to spend that money on my first personal desktop pc. I'm glad I did, it doesn't look like it's worth the hassle (I have the same HDD problem). I'm going to wait to see how Scorpio shakes out, I'm not going to jump back to Xbox but I want to see how Sony reacts. If a Ps5 is rumored for like 2018-19 then I'll just wait.

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I feel like I was smart not to let myself get hyped up by it. I own two TVs that don't even do 1080p despite both being 50"+ so it wasn't going to be for me anyway with its HDR and 1080p/60fps promises, but I'm honestly glad to hear it's mostly incremental improvements or (to me) superficial things like that. I get excited when new consoles are announced and could care less about new graphics cards or what have you; I'm wary of the day consoles are entirely like PCs, benefits and warts and all. PS4 Pro was honestly a scary proposition for someone like me, and on that front I'm selfishly glad to read it's mostly superficial and not a truly substantial difference.

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If you're going to get a PS4, you may as well get a Pro. It's a PS4 that you might sometimes get more out of. As someone with a 4K-but-not-HDR-TV also, it at least made me realize that yes, I am way into getting an OLED HDR 4K TV & a crazy gaming PC in a few years...

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We will here better specs later but the scuttlebutt is Scorpio is just doing the same thing the pro is doing as far as hardware upgrades. A minor boost to CPU and extensive gpu boost. Don't expect games to start hitting 60fps all of a sudden on it either.

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It's fine. I play so much PS4 that it's worth it for even minor upgrades to my experience. I'll have this thing for 2 years easy, that'll be like $1 per play day.

If you play a significant amount of console games then get it over a slim.

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I think I have higher hopes for the Xbox upgrade since it will have a 4.5x faster gpu as opposed to ps4 pros ~2x faster GPU. It could also end up having more memory(12GB). I'm mainly disappointed in the PS4 pro running everything the same as normal ps4 without actual work being done. Means most of the library has no changes to performance which is literally the point of the PS4 pro. If the Xbox ends up being the same way It's pretty unlikely I'll get one unless my Xbox breaks.

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The PS4 Pro is the most useless piece of hardware Sony has ever released.

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I don't have one so I can't really help you but I hope if you trade in your PS4, you at least let them know your drive is acting up.

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If i had the extra cash i would upgrade but im more looking forward to the scorpio. Dont own an xbone yet and it seems like it may be an actual upgrade to the current console gen.

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I like mine a lot more versus the base model honestly. My base model was crashing, ejecting discs, and was pretty loud so whenever I scored 4K TV for a really good price, I went ahead and bought mine and it's basically all I've been using for gaming right now. Pretty sure I'm gonna off old my 4K TV and look for something with HDR.

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If there was a way I could give Sony like $50-100 and they'd send me a box to put my old one into and then mail me a PS Pro in exchange I'd do it. Otherwise, unless mine completely breaks down then I'm not really ever going to bother. Hopefully the Scorpio turns out as good as they're promoting it because then I can just get that instead since I don't own an XBOX from this generation yet and it's neat to cover your bases.

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If I had a 4KTV it would be a no brainier but I think if my PS4 broke, I would just get a slim.

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I think Gamestop over here had a trade-in before the launch where you could've gotten Pro for 170-180€ even by trading-in a 500gb PS4 and had I lived closer to one, I probably would've jumped that chance. But since that didn't happen and my launch PS4 is still working fine, I'll be holding off still. Once the unavoidable happens and every game runs like rubbish on a base PS4 when compared to the Pro, I guess I'll be forced to do the upgrade.

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It's cool, I wish more games took advantage of it power. I think I would've been fine with the slim model honestly. It would be a lot better if I had a 4K hdr tv. I don't regret buying it though.

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@liquiddragon: it's been completely fine since, maybe just something weird with the disc or how I put it in. Still it was just s reminder that my PS4 is gettin older and maybe for 200 bucks it would be worth it to take the half step upgrade.

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@flippyandnod: did you have a base model before? If so, how did you transfer over any digital items? Like I mentioned, I have a 2TB hard drive in mine right now and I'm kind of dreading having to re format and download all my games again. I'm not sure how easy it is to transfer things into a PS4 hard drive.

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I just bought a second PS4, and it wasn't a pro, so...

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Did they fix the issue with some games running worse on a Pro?

Can a PS4 Pro run games in standard mode if that is still the case? I hate the idea of potentially buying something that actually runs worse. I might just buy a slim.

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@flippyandnod: did you have a base model before? If so, how did you transfer over any digital items? Like I mentioned, I have a 2TB hard drive in mine right now and I'm kind of dreading having to re format and download all my games again. I'm not sure how easy it is to transfer things into a PS4 hard drive.

Yes. I had a base model. When you boot up it begins a transfer process, tells you how to hook it to your old one with an ethernet cable and transfer everything. It's very easy. I deleted games I wasn't going to use again first and the rest of the transfer took like 30 minutes.

However, if you want to use the 2TB drive in your old system in your PS4 Pro you're going to be pretty boned. You can't just move the drive without losing the contents and if the drive is still in the old unit it can't very well be in the new unit at the same time during the transfer. You'll probably have to use another drive temporarily to back up to over USB and then restore on the new unit.

The PS4 Pro is the most useless piece of hardware Sony has ever released.

Someone never had a Playstation TV.

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I'm pretty happy with it.

You can always just back up your HDD with an external drive, and then restore that to your new console. It's a very simple process.

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For two hundred dollars, I think you're making a fine trade. I personally bought one outright, and I don't regret it... but as others have said, you don't really need it. A few poorly optimized games like The Last Guardian run better on it (the Pro gets a solid 30 fps on that creaky ol' game while the standard PS4 dips into the low teens frequently), a few games get a couple graphical enhancements but little real change (higher resolution for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare), and a very small number of games embrace it wholeheartedly in a neat way (Rise of the Tomb Raider has multiple options such as 1080p resolution with 60 fps, 4k resolution at 30 fps, or 1080p at 30 fps with numerous graphical enhancements turned on in lieu of the 60 fps).

Right now, it's really up in the air how many games are going to be hamstrung on the standard like The Last Guardian and / or how many games are going to make great use of the Pro like Rise of the Tomb Raider did. Heck, it's up in the air if virtual reality is ever going to click or if it's just another ridiculous corporate "flash in the pan." If game developers keep on building their games with the standard predominantly in mind and PlayStation VR stays a dud, then the PS4 Pro for you arguably becomes "$200 for 4k resolution in my PS4 games."

Decisions. Best of luck. I say "go for it." :-P

Edit addition: Also, I noticed that my three examples in paragraph one were all at various points on the positive spectrum. Guess I really don't regret my choice, haha.

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To me, the PS4 Pro seems rushed and a real misstep; if they'd left it in the oven for another 12 months I think they could have really had something that felt like a real upgrade. At this point I'm happy to wait another 3-5 years for whatever comes next from Playstation. If they continue the backwards compatibility angle, I will not have missed out on anything by waiting.

That said, for $200 you might as well get the most powerful model available to you. Hope it all works out!

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Someone never had a Playstation TV.

Ha! Got me there buddy.

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Had one since launch and notice the small frame rate and resolution improvements. Went and also got a 4K OLED and can say that it all depends on what you're playing. Recommend reading the digital foundary articles on games that support pro. But if you're needing a new PS4 I didn't see a reason to not get a PRO. Even on 1080 screens you can get downsampled images which can improve AA and shimmering, again check out digital foundary.

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@flippyandnod: shit, that's a real bummer. But I guess I would be fine starting on a clean drive. i kept everything I've played installed but that doesn't mean I play it. Still torn on the whole thing.

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@ikilledthedj: that's nice, any improvement is good. Like I said I have a relatively cheap 4K tv I got this year. I'm curious how the upscale looks but I guess I may need to temper expectations. How does steaming 4K look from the likes of Netflix?

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@sackmanjones: The upscale on BF1 when I was just running a 1080p screen was noticeable, and still a nice upgrade on a 4K screen. I believe it's somewhere around 1440p. For someone who had never seen anything higher than 1080p it's a welcome addition. As for 4K Netflix etc. I'm unfortunate enough to live in Australia and out cable internet is laughable. No 4K streaming for me.

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So I'm on the fence here - Newegg has a deal for $300 - Slim Console, Nioh, Dishonored 2, and Infinite Warfare. Or, for $100 more, a Pro with RE7 and Deus Ex: MD.

The $300 bundle seems real nice, but I don't want to be sad in 6 months when all games are way better on the Pro. The form factor and quietness of the Slim is also appealing to me.

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@mostman: With the news about the possible "boost" mode improving games that haven't had any work done on them and the likelihood that new games will run better from here on out on a pro, I'd say if you can afford it just pay the extra $100.

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@mostman said:

So I'm on the fence here - Newegg has a deal for $300 - Slim Console, Nioh, Dishonored 2, and Infinite Warfare. Or, for $100 more, a Pro with RE7 and Deus Ex: MD.

The $300 bundle seems real nice, but I don't want to be sad in 6 months when all games are way better on the Pro. The form factor and quietness of the Slim is also appealing to me.

That extra performance is still slightly better at best so I'd say get that 300 bundle cause that's a steal.

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@mostman said:

So I'm on the fence here - Newegg has a deal for $300 - Slim Console, Nioh, Dishonored 2, and Infinite Warfare. Or, for $100 more, a Pro with RE7 and Deus Ex: MD.

The $300 bundle seems real nice, but I don't want to be sad in 6 months when all games are way better on the Pro. The form factor and quietness of the Slim is also appealing to me.

I'm eyeing those same packages with the same issues. Part of my annoyance now is the games, since I want to grab Nioh ASAP (and have been meaning to get to Dishonored 2 as well) and have zero interest in RE 7 and DE: MD.

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#40 Posted by mostman (319 posts) -

@jesus_phish: I can afford it, and at 400 with a couple games, its not a bad deal. But the deals on the Slim are just incredible right now, plus the form factor on the Slim is wonderful.

@fugoy: This is how I'm leaning.

@artisanbreads:I could have written your post and it would have been true for me as well. Exact same boat. In fact, if the Pro "bundle" had Nioh instead of DE: MD, I would have already pulled the trigger.

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@mostman: that slim bundle looks amazing and I need to upgrade from my launch PS4...i might have to jump on this. Thank you for bringing it to my attention

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#42 Posted by mostman (319 posts) -

@takayamasama: No problem.

I ended up going with the Slim. That deal was too good to pass up. If ever we get to a point where the Pro is trouncing the Regular, maybe I can find a way to trade up.

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Dunno if this is useless to post now, but, I got my pro at launch and have been nothing but happy with it. No complaints for me. I'm curious how boost mode will affect my older games (heard loading in SFV is faster, which is a tiny, but nice bonus); as far as Pro Patched games go, I've only played Hitman & Final Fantasy XV, though I think I'm getting BF1 soon. I have a 1080p TV for what it's worth. Oh and Uncharted looks hilariously amazing. There is that.

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As an owner of a launch day original PS4, which was unfortunately one of the ones with a super loud fan (I replaced the thermal paste, which helped a tiny bit......for a little while) I have been thinking of getting a replacement for a while. Seriously, playing a big game, it was like having a vacuum cleaner on in the corner of my room when the fan kicked in, usually after about 5 mins of playing.

Aaaanyways. It seemed a bit pointless getting the slim, as I have also been toying with the idea of getting a 4k tv pretty soon too. So I went and bought a Pro a couple of days ago.
Did the copying over of my data (which was kinda slow, but easy), and I've got to say, so far, it's been great.

A million times quieter than my OG PS4, even when the fan has eventually kicked in, it's still about the same volume as my old one was sitting at the dashboard.
Playing Arkham Knight at the mo (which apparently has "stealth pro support") seems to perform a little better too.

Looking forward to seeing if Boost mode is any good on a few older games, but really, after a while, that's not really going to be a "thing".

Is it worth the extra £100 (in the UK)........right now, probably not, but like I say, going for a slim, felt a bit like a stop gap.

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