I missed the first 15 minutes...

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I watched all the game announcements but missed information about the actual hardware. Did they mention backward compatability? Is online free? Any game streaming stuff? Sorry if the answers are in other topics I haven't been able to find this info.

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They said that eventually that everything would be backwards compatible on PS4. Well, the phrasing was more like wouldn't it be great to play all your old titles on the PS4 or on a Vita via remote play.

No hard answers on the rest of your questions. It was more about the hardware and the youtube/facebook like share feature.

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@rave: You can watch Giant Bomb's stream of it here: http://www.giantbomb.com/videos/meet-the-future-of-playstation-with-us/2300-7066/

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They mentioned that it has no backwards compatibility, but that they aspired to use their streaming service to possibly one day offer all of their past titles. They did not nail down any details on game streaming outside of saying that they would use that infrastructure to improve downloads and how demos are handled.

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