Interesting Discovery about PS4 voice recognition

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This may be a total "derp" moment, but I thought the voice recognition stuff only worked when you used the Playstation Camera. I was testing USB headsets that I owned so I plugged in my Logitech headset (wired version of G930) and it

1. Asked me who was using the headset

2. Immediately started taking voice commands

The ability went away when I went into a party and was using the headset for voice chat but when I went back out of the party it started working again. I was pretty impressed as it picked up what, limited, functionality it had rather well with no frustration. If they can get bluetooth headsets to work with this I think this will be a better way to do voice recognition than the camera.

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I agree. That's really cool. A headset or microphone attached to your face or controller would be a much better option than one that is most likely mere inches away from your television.

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That's super cool

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Man, if I could use my G930s with my PS4, that'd be pretty awesome. Now you make me want to go fiddle around with it tonight.

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The other day I had a headset plugged in (it doesn't have a mic though) and I gave a voice command, and it worked.

HOW COULD IT HAVE WORKED? Is there a mic inside the controller? Is there a hidden mic inside my headset??

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@geraltitude: The defining attribute of this generation: magic.

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@geraltitude: The controller is probably converting the speaker into a microphone. This isn't really difficult to do, speakers and microphones are essentially the same thing but physical design usually makes the input from a speaker or the output from a microphone pretty terrible. Assuming they designed the controller's speaker to be a passable mic, it demonstrates a remarkable attention to detail.

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What?? You would think that if the controller could accept voice commands Sony would have advertised it to compete with the xbone

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@sammo21: I edited your topic title...try not to bury the lead and force people to click on the thread to even find out what it's about. Thanks.

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Okay, that's weird. I posted a blank somehow.

Sony has been going the opposite way of MS and not advertising anything that isn't core gaming. No Kinect-style features, no voice recognition, no face login.

Maybe they'll change up once they satiate the "hardcore gamer" customer base. We'll see.

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This is the weirdest part about Kinect. Microsoft has been talking up voice commands as a Kinect feature, and for some reason nobody has bothered to mention the fact that voice recognition has nothing to do with Kinect outside of its inclusion of a microphone. Anything with a decent microphone could be used for spoken commands, but it's like people have forgotten about that.

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@sammo21: It didn't ask who your father is nor his occupation?

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I discovered this accidentally when I plugged in my mic before sending out a chat invite to my cousin. It seems like a pretty cool feature.

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So for anyone who toyed with the voice stuff, how intricate does it get? I thought I heard that you can't do netflix support or anything with it. Just curious.

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It's quite limited. You can launch games and a few other things. No, it doesn't work in Netflix or anything other than the XMB dashboard as far as I can tell.

@sammo21 said:

So for anyone who toyed with the voice stuff, how intricate does it get? I thought I heard that you can't do netflix support or anything with it. Just curious.

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