Love Killzone, but wow the issues.

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Hey all. Wanted to get some thoughts on these issues I'm seeing in Killzone Shadowfall. Some are smaller issues, but they add up and become an annoyance:

  • Fixed spawns. I've been having problems with this as it allows spawn camping, which i see all the time! It's nice they give you 3 exits from the spawn point, but the other team can still camp the base shields.
  • No communication. Love how there are parties now, but since i cannot speak with my team, we are all running around like drunk baboons! There are tools in the game (spawn beacons, Scout scanner, Scout stealth, stunning, etc) that would greatly benefit from teamwork.
  • Only one bolt action sniper. Not an issue really but i want more >.<
  • Game modes. Team Deathmatch is fun, and Warzone is great, but why can't we play the game types in Warzone separately? Would love to play the capture point game type on its own, and same for the point-linking one.

Overall i like Killzone, but these issues really bum me out. Excited to hear all your thoughts.

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Lol @ "only one bolt action sniper"

I agree. That is a huge, huge problem.

Unfortunately I haven't played too much multiplayer so can't speak to your other issues other than the lack of communication. It's pretty bizarre there's no option but on the other hand it's nice that I don't have to mute everybody at the beginning of the match (which is what you do normally in these games). Obviously you can use party chat if you're talking to friends but it would have been nice if you could invite the people on your team to a chat or even if there was close-proximity chat.

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Spawns are fine. I am a top player and I think that the game is set for the future. Your number one issue is a big one but is supposed to be fixed this month. We also need Sony to patch in support for old mics. I can't listen to that chat audio on the same volume either. My headphones and sound system are nice and it is just too fucking loud. Need to use my old desktop mic and be able to lower chat volume.

Otherwise I say stick with it. You will find with good teams that revive spam and support are all you need with spawns. Noobs just don't want to play support as the weapons are a little harder to handle. They did give the M55 to Assault so we will have to see what happens. I am LOVING the weapons in this game.

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All fair complaints.

As for the third point you should make your own game mode, I am sure a capture point one would be pretty popular.

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Decent complaints but I don't think voice chat will really help you. Every multiplayer shooter has the same thing, even Battlefield 4. Hell, people barely revive anyone in BF4.

I don't really have any problem with spawns. With how it is now, you don't have to really worry about getting shot in the back 3/4 of the time like you do with COD:Ghosts. Not to mention most maps have turrets that are near the entrances to spawns. At this point, if you're getting killed a lot its your fault. I find spawn campers in games like this are the easiest to kill; its harder in a game like Ghosts where when you spawn randomly someone is staring at you.

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@sammo21: Yeah i do not miss being killed instantly in CoD games dude to random spawning. I guess my problem is i see too many games snowball and one team becomes trapped.

@ssully: I never thought of making my own game. Can't be too difficult, thanks for the tip.

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Hmm, I only ever play support and I am loving the game. I feel like generally people do revive others, but I will only do it if it seems sensible to do so. If its clear that a team-mate has just been sniped, then it doesn't make sense to get him up just to be shot again. If I can see dead members of the opposite team, it's usually safe to revive.

Game is awesome though.

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Games won't snowball as people get used to stuff and GG sort out the usual launch issues. Honestly, this is the best MP game I have played in a long time. You can tell it was a major focus.

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@enragedstump: Are you sure you aren't thinking about mobile spawn points or something? Right now I am playing a hell of a lot of BF4 with spots of COD and KZ intermixed in there. Personally, I've found COD:Ghosts spawning system to literally be the worst not only in the series but in a major shooter right now. I have literally taken video where I spawn and then 3-5 other people spawn behind me and I die...over and over. The spawning in BLOPS2 had issues, but nothing like this. I also think COD:Ghosts kind of sucks for other reasons too, so the spawning just adds to that frustration.

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@sammo21: I think I'm just ragging a bit because i see spawn trapping happen often. NOTHING compared to what you see of spawn kills in CoD though. I always liked how BF fixed that problem with the squad system. Don't think KZ could of done that though as the max playlist is 12v12.

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